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PhotoShake app


This was written 5/18/2012, but here in 2017 I am still using this app.

I tried out a new ap today called PhotoShake and I'm really excited about it!  It's great for combining photos into one image to share on Facebook and the internet.

There are so many fun options to play with, from frames, to corners, to borders, to photo editing tools including photo effects,  and balloon speech bubbles.

When you are done with your image, there are many options available to share the image.  I just saved my image to my phone folder and then used my favorite aps to share the photo too.

Here's the image I made.  I love the waterdrops on the frame that I added as a texture to the frame.  Observe that the photos have curves on them too, which was an option.

I think it's my new app to play with.

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