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TV Guide Watchlist

Here is my tv watchlist! Best way to keep track of shows I've found so far. 

At the end of the year, I tried putting them on my outlook calendar which syncs to my phone.  I had already started my TV Guide settings, but I was still learning my way around.

I have my favorite channels set up and my watch list.  I really would like a way to check off that I've watched an episode.  I did find a Google Chrome app for checking off shows I've watched and tried it for a while, but it was difficult to sync it from different computer and I could not see it on my phone.

When I miss a show, I want to be able to know what I haven't watched so I can go and catch it on Charter On Demand.

Maybe the easiest way is to just use this TV Guide Watchlist (which can be set from looking at the TV Listings page of my favorite channels) and make a list on my Notes (outlook/iPhone syncing) and delete them as I watch them.

On the Watchlist, be sure to check "new airings only" if that is important to you.


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