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In June and July, with all our traveling expenses and unexpected expenses, such as the purchase of a new tv and repairs of two vehicle repairs so they would pass inspection, as well as a vehicle repair after an accident, plus all the other things I cannot seem to remember at the moment.

I was SO stressed with our finances!  Then I found  I had heard of it long ago, maybe as much as a year, but was always afraid to try it.

Back in January I tried Manilla and I am still in love with it and using it, especially to collect my electronic bills and remind me of when payments are due. (Manilla now closed) Comfort in having my finances accessed by Manilla brought me to go ahead and try too.

Goodness, am I glad I did!  It pulls in quickly everything we spend from various accounts and automatically adds them to budget fields.  I changed some of the budget fields and it learned and automatically placed them in the right budge field the next time. 

I spent time building a budge based on what we spent in July (it automatically generates a budget that you can work to tweak).  My August budget was autogenerated from my July budget.

I feel as if, although my finances are not any better, that I have a grip on things.  I can see what we spend and how much unbudgeted money we have to try to knock down these bills, as well as just having a budge to work from. 

It feels like a huge relief!  There is a cell phone app and I can see anytime where we are at on our budget.  I might actually be motivated to pull in the reins while shopping for groceries!

In generally, we never spend just to spend money and are thrifty by nature, but having a place that pulls my budge together for me without much manual work is an amazing asset to my organization.

Mint is owned by Intuit (which also provides us with our Quicken programs), so it is a trusted company.


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