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Issuu has an app! has been a longtime favorite of mine for sharing magazines and reading magazines.  You can see my publications here and follow me.

My normal routine was to wait for an email for Issuu and to click to read the magazines that were new that I follow from my browser.

Now there is an iPhone app!  So excited.  It is free.  There has been an Android app for a little while, but now there is one for Apple users.

It works great from my iPad!  Here is a screenshot of some of those that I have been reading recently.  This main page scrolls down for many other suggestions.

This is a screenshot of the full page of one of the magazines I'm reading.  I can squeeze with two fingers to zoom in to read any part better and scroll around with my finger.

It has these fun effects in both the iPad and iPhone where the page curls when you go back to the main settings on the left edge.

Reading is not so easy from my iPhone, but I do have the small screen of the iPhone 4S, so maybe if I upgrade to the larger iPhone 6Plus I could use it better.  Still yet, if I wanted to, I could use it on my phone.

Most likely I will use it from my iPad though for reading time anywhere in the house or outside or while traveling.

Now, to find new magazines I like to read and to get hubby set up and help him find all those classic car magazines he'll love.



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