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Father's Day Prayer


6/15/13 Arrow Prayer (for Father's Day): Father, God, Almighty, thank You for being my strength and very present help in trouble. (Psalm 46:1) I can always count on You to lift me up where I am weak. I can always count on You to fix the problems I get myself into. I can always count on You to love me through all circumstances. I can always count on You to be omnipresent and always here for me. Thank You, Father, for also giving me an earthly father who was all those same things, who would be strong for me, fix my problems, always be there, and love me unconditionally. When I think of my Dad, I think about how there was nothing he could not do if he set his mind to it and how he was always there for me, or anyone else, to help at just a mention of a need. I miss my Dad, especially on Father's Day, and when I think of him I start to cry, but God, let that not diminish my thankfulness for all the blessings and memories of my Dad you have bestowed on me.

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