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Good Intentions


8.21.13 Arrow Prayer:  Lord, I have so many good intentions that never seem to come to fruition.  I want to help this person with her computer, or work with that youth, or help answer questions online, or help this or that group with their website, or take event photos, or volunteer for a community event, or pray for all these people who come into my life with needs, or help a child with yard work, or fix images and share them, or share my genealogy information, or, or, or, or, or, or, I could go on and on!  I sometimes feel SO blessed to have SO many opportunities to do good deeds, yet feel so stretched thin getting to them all.  I am a poor, miserable sinner with many flaws and have to ask forgiveness for delays all the time.  Guide me, Lord, in the best direction to use my talents to show love to other people.  Help me to be generous with my money, possession, talent, and time.


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