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Sometimes we put up walls

7/1/13 Arrow Prayer:  Jesus, You sent my friend Angie into my high school days to show me what it is to believe in someone, and then You took her away.  I miss her.  I found myself at my 30th class reunion wanting to shrink to a table and yet conflicted anxiously wanting to learn about everyone, but awaiting to see who would care enough to talk to come talk to me. Why does that feel so wrong as if it is a test, like a wall I want them to break down?  You know my heart and how hard it is for me to be in a crowd.  It's not really a test, but sometimes turns into it with curiosity.  No one but Angie cared to break that wall in high school. Thank You, Jesus, for all the wonderful people in my high school class who do really care about me, even if we only meet every ten years. They do believe in me. They do care. Thank You, Jesus, for always believing in me, even when others in my life put up walls I cannot break through. In perspective, my believing in You because You first believed in me is all that really matters.   Amen.

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