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Broken to Let Light In (Arrow Prayer)


12.28.15  Lord, I'm broken in more ways than I can ever seem to learn about myself.  Yet in my brokenness, You reveal Yourself, The Light, and teach me, so that makes it okay.  It gives me purpose for my brokenness. Today I am reminded that You look at the heart, not at my intentions when I sin and whether those sins are accidental, omissions, or with planned purpose, but rather You look at my heart and intentions when I ask for forgiveness.  I humble myself before You Lord, seeking that You find my confessions sincere.  Accept my confessions, wash me white as snow, and guide me so that I may turn from my sins. Today I am reminded of the ultimate brokenness, that being the babies King Herod killed trying to kill Jesus after his birth.  Martyrs are killed so they can be made alive.  You take our loved ones so they can be made alive.  I am consoled in that I believe in what You have done on the cross for me.

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