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The Fun Extras - Set Four

79. Who do you scrap for?

When I first recognized who I scrapped for, it changed my outlook on my scrapping and has stuck with me always. I think every scrapper should answer this question and take it to heart.

Who do you scrap for?

Do you scrap for yourself?
Do you scrap for your children?
Do you scrap for your future ancestors?
Do you scrap to just get an artistic outlet?
Do you scrap for your husband or friend?

Sometimes considering who we scrap for can help us decide how to journal. Do you journal in third person or first person? Who are you talking to when you journal?

Sometimes considering who we scrap for can help us decide what to include on a page. If you are scrapping for your future ancestors, you may want to put the names of every individual on every layout.


Here are your comments!

Oh - such a great question. For me - all of the above! Sometimes I create scrapbooks for specific people so I tailor it to them. Most of the time I scrap for myself or for future generations. The great thing about digiscrapping is that we can easily change the titling and journaling. For posting to public galleries, I may not want to put names, etc., but I'll change that for the copy that I keep or print. grobb_53

all the above I do scrap for myslef I have fun and I am proud when I learn to ceate things I still have troubble journaling but am tring Dawn Miner

I scrap manly to keep my sanity. Ya I also scrap for my kids and family. I'm a stay at home mom and I need a hobby to get into and not think about house cleaning and when my son is down for a nap or my girls are at school, I can have a little time to myself to do somthing that dose not involve cleaning, cooking or changing diapers. This is one of the cheapest hobbies to get into. wisdomandgrace

I scrap first for myself because I love photos but have a terrible memory about some events, and secondly for the family, because we are scattered and so many of them want to know what my son is up to (and sometimes the rest of us, too! lol). It's primarily an artistic and mental outlet, though. mawkinberd

I'd have to say all of the above. I love making albums for my kids that they will pass down to their own kids. I've also made a heritage album for my cousin and I've done some LO's that I had printed on canvas for some of my friends. I love to hear DH praise my work to people who haven't seen it before!!! And I love learning all of this to keep my brain as sharp as possible!! Belle33

I mainly scrap for myself and my kids. Jules

Mostly it's an artistic outlet as I've yet to print a single page! My first project which I have 2 of 40 pages done for is a first year book for my daughter. Then I'll do one with my son. I found a great sale at Photobookcanada and have 1 year in order to get these 2 books done... so I'm sure there will be lots of 'story telling' to remember all those moments and 'firsts' Edina

I agree with all the above. I love paper scrapping- it is so tactile. I am really struggling with the digi part. I suppose it is the same way you get to Carnegie Hall. Practice, practice, practice. Maybe I need a more current copy of PS Elements?I am currently using 7. PamBor

I scrap for a lot of people. I have several that I have scrapped for me, but mostly I'm always making for others. And most often, it is with photos that I took. It just makes me happy to bless others in this way. Dawn

I primarily scrap for myself. When I take or receive photos of family, my first thought is hmmm what can I do with this photo. I let the photo or photos talk to me and I imagine what a dialog would be if they actually were talking. I print every layout I do for myself and place in an album and I can then track what lesson I did for that layout. The family then can view my albums and they get the biggest kick out of them as they are always the focus of my sneaky layouts. And boy do I have fun hearing the squeals and screams as they yell "Grandma how could you take the awful picture of me and show it to your class, its ugly, I am going to hide whenever I see you with a camera, etc. etc." To me that is the most fun I get and I love every minute of it and I hope to continue for a long, long time. ccynden

I scrap for all the above reasons as well. First and foremost its for me. The therepeutic value as well as an artistic outlet. The thing I like most about it (over paper scrapping) is the flexibility and the fact that there's no mess to clean up! I plan my pages with my daughter and future grandchildren in mind, although i too have yet to print a single page. (how do you afford that? wow! I had no idea it would be so expensive!) I have over 100 pages done so far--I'm thinking maybe a digital frame? Anyhow, I do enjoy the thought that children that haven't even been born yet will be able to know me and my parents and grandparents through my work. Craftmomma

well, I scrap for me as it's an artistic outlet whilst the kids are young and my oil paints are stashed away, LOL, but also to document memories. I'm not organised enough to have all my pics in order from the kids' births and to be going through's more as things happen, or I get a nice shot that I love, that will appear on a page! I also may seem as if this is all for the designer, but really, it's for me! I never scrap a page 'just because', my CT pages are my personal pages, and it really helps me to do a lot more than I otherwise would!! And finally, I'm scrapping for the family as a whole, as I've just started printing some of my altered pages and they will be going up on the wall any time now!!! Bernie x

I have made a couple of bragbook albums for the grandchildren for special occasions, but mainly I scrap as a creative outlet. I would like to put some of my favorite layouts together into albums for my children, but haven't got around to it yet. JanetMM

Right now I would have to say for myself as I also have never printed out a single page. I find it relaxing and therapeutic. But I do hope future generations will enjoy what I have done. My plan right now is to put all my layouts on discs for preservation. NancyP

I scrap for myself and as an artistic outlet. This is why I do not really like journaling. I also have never printed out a single page, could not afford to do this, I have made over 1130 layouts since late in 2009. To print a 12x12 would cost me AUD$3 +. I also find it relaxing and therapeutic. And.. I also make sure my daughter has copies of them all. I also put my layouts up on the internet on a 'blog' site... although blog implies that I actually chat about things on it and I don't much. Even if not many look at it, I enjoy putting them up in case others would like to look. JodyT

I scrap for my grandchildren. I like the idea of putting names in the layout for the future. I do include the date the pic was taken somewhere in the layout. SO the kids can smile when they say"That was me" 204cg

I scrap for me, but sometimes that leaks out to family and friends. I have made albums for my sister and her boys and their famiilies; i've made albums for graduates. But mostly, it's for me!lovinlifegurl

I scrap for my children, and for me. I don't have a lot of pictures from when I was growing up; we didn't always have a camera, and my family just isn't great about taking pictures. I grew up near family, and we live far away now, so I am sad for my kids that they are missing out on that local family connection. I want them to know how much they are loved so I want to scrap every time someone makes the effort to visit us, or we are able to go there to see family and friends. I know it's partially for me because I have great memories of growing up and being loved tremendously but not a lot of documentation. I want my kids to have visible evidence of how much they are loved. 3lilreds

Up until a few months ago I would have said that I scrap for me and our 2 dd's to preserve the important family history, special events and memories you want to treasure. To this end I have done family heritage albums and albums for the girls from their birth to the age of 21. However since I became a member here and started course 2 I have found that I have produced lo's, in order to complete a lesson, which have subject matter other than the girls or family. Sometimes they take on the guise of a traditional lo but lately I am getting to like lo's that are a bit 'arty' so perhaps my scrapping is becoming more of an artistic outlet a1bjm

I do it for me, but really it's for the kids and future generations. I can't tell you how many hundreds of photos I have that I have no idea who the people are that are in them. I don't want to leave that for my kids. Even just random names aren't enough for me. I want them to KNOW about those in the photos! JustaMommie

I scrap for my kids. There is nothing quite as satisfying as watching them sit down with books I've created and reliving the memories we made. I also scrap as a creative outlet. I need to get better at the journaling on the pages with photos of my family, though. Tammyshere

Do you scrap for yourself? Yes, first and foremost. Do you scrap for your children? Sometimes Do you scrap for your future ancestors? No, I don't think of that. Do you scrap to just get an artistic outlet? Certainly. Scrapbooking is a part of my expressive way. Do you scrap for your husband or friend? Never for friends, sometimes for Hubby. AMarie

I scrap for myself, but also scrapping caters for my creative side. When I'm journaling I'm thinking of what kind of audience I'd be 'talking' to and what future generations will read and understand. Just the other day I was wondering what would happen to my scrapping once I'm gone from this earth. Sadly, unless I put them in a book I think they will just get lost forever. I am currently looking at what I've done and am looking at what I want my book to look like. I scrap in 12x12 but am thinking of a 8x8. What I'm concerned about is how I do this without spending too much time making changes to my pages??? Maggie