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The Fun Extras - Set Four

74. Looking back

What do you wish someone had told you when you first started scrapbooking? Maybe your answer will help others just beginning.

For me, I wish they had told me to record where I downloaded things when I got freebies. After my first freebie download frenzie, whew, what a mess I had!


Here are your comments!

I spent so much $$$ on software programs until I happened across Photoshop Elements. I wish someone told me about your website earlier - it would have saved me so much time and $$$! grobb_53

I agree, bought a few programs and very glad I found Hummies Lessons Dawn Miner

I wish someone told me to get a laptop with a bigger screen. I started scrapping on our PC but then bought a MAC laptop just for myself. Wish now I had spent the extra money for a different model with a bigger screen. Belle33

I wish I had seen a consolidated list of your options after you made pages. It took me forever to figure out how I wanted to display mine, and I've had a lot of mishaps since. lol And although I now have a setup I like, it took a lot of work to get there. Mawkinberd

I wish someone would have sayed BE ORGANIZED boy do I have a problem finding things. But I am getting better. Jules

I wish that I had known about the importance of saving TOUs and giving credit. I wished I had known about the importance of organizing my photos, tagging them, because they are in hundreds of separate folders according to dates when they were taken, which years later does not really help me as I cannot remember whose picture I took back when. Just the thought of now trying to do things right and begin the process of organizing, is so scary and overwhelming that I do not know if I even have the strength to try at this late date. SIGH!! ccynden

I really wish someone would have told me about tagging. I'm always looking for something that I know I've seen in a kit that I have, but I can never find it!! Dawn

I wish I'd kept track of where I downloaded things from the beginning. I wish someone had told me how much memory my scrapbooking kits and other bits and pieces would take up so I could have bought an external hard drive earlier. JanetMM

I wish someone had told me not to go mad downloading all the freebies I could lay my hands on just in case I needed them, LOL Also I wish someone had told me about HW!!! Some things though you just have to learn by yourself...organisation someone else's way for example, is OK, but your own way that suits you is better!! Bernie x

I'm with Bernie! I wish someone had told me not to bother with all the freebies, especially when it was only one item. I ended up with hundreds of elements, papers, etc and had no idea where they were! I still need to houseclean. NancyP

I wish someone had explained to me how to tag scrapbooking supplies way way back in the dark ages. I just have too much to do anything about it now.. My pictures I am happy with how I have always stored them .. even though I have never tagged them, the way I do it I can always lay my hands on pictures taken at a particular place. Freebies.. well yes I agree there too .. to a degree. In the beginning they were all I had so they were really important. But most of the first I got I am not really interested in now, I think scarpbooking elements have come so far and I can now afford to actually buy things. JodyT

I wish someone had said, "go play in forums" and "stay away from contests for awhile". lovinlifegurl

I wish someone had told me to take as many photos as my camera could hold and to talk and question my mom about our family before it was to late. I also would have liked to know about how important it was to sort and tag the kits I downloaded, that piece of info would have saved me a lot of sifting through them to find an element I know I've seen somewhere a1bjm

I agree with the lot of you. I have my first digital layout to compare to what I am doing now. Hummies world is awesome and a massive help in learning. 204cg

Hmm, I think I would have liked someone to tell me that a bigger screen is better as well. But, also, I would have loved if someone would have told me about calibrating my monitor! JustaMommie

I wish someone would have told me not to download every freebie that came along just because it was free. Wow...I look back now and say "and I downloaded that, why?" and delete. And I wish I would have known about HW!!! Tammyshere

i wish i'd known how addicting this hobby would be! i never had a problem with filing photos because i labeled all the family photos, and since i started using a camera when i was 7 years old, i have always kept my photos in dated/named folders, so now i do that automatically on the 'puter. i have also put my kits in folders - my favorite designers kits, and i have made folders for specific items like paper fasteners, trees, birds, butterflies, animals, farm/ranch, vintage elements, clusters, etc. But, once i get started with page creation - i'm a gonner for the day - lol Jayleigh3

I wish someone would have told me to buy PSE right now, and that it would be not so complicated to learn how to use it. Amarie

I wish I had been told about organising and tagging BEFORE I got started as I've learned the hard way to get myself organised. Still not where I want to be, but thanks to HW my things are in some kind of order. I still find myself reorganising though as I'm never sure if I want to organise under kit type, colour or designer. I also wish I had been told about the importance of keeping TOUs. I think I have most of them, but was starting to get rid of them when Hummie's videos and learned keep them with the kit. Maggie

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