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The Fun Extras - Set Four

66. Copyright Resources

This lesson reviews some sites regarding copyright and digital piracy.  There is one site in particular that I would like to call your attention to entitled "Stop Piracy."  This site was created near the beginning of my digital scrapbooking history and has stood the test of time.  Every digital scrapbooker should be aware of this site.


Here are your comments!

Valuable information - thank you, Hummie! I've seen blog posts from designers who have had their work pirated from the freebies they post. My heart goes out to them. I'm sure some people repost freebies in ignorance, but some do it maliciously. g_robb53 -

These sites are very informative. I have noticed the stop piracy on a number of kits, and I hope it is a deterrent, as it is so unfair to have your work manipulated and claimed as someone else's designs. ccynden

great info. I also have seen the stop piracy on kit and thingsi t just so wrong to work so hard on something and have someone miss use your gift Dawn Miner

I've seen the stop piracy signs and think it's sad they are needed. I wonder if these people would walk into a crafts shop and steal papers and embellishments. JanetMM

WOW! Some interesting stuff here, especially in the StopPiracy articles.
But I do have a question---Someone just emailed me a photo of a beautiful painting going on display in Dallas. They simply wanted me to see it. I then sent on the email to other friends who would also appreciate seeing it. I get things like this quite often. Is this wrong to email stuff like this? NancyP

Great info here. Many kits I have have the stop piracy page included but I didn't realize there was a site for this with all the rules. Thanks. Belle33

I think that's a little different as you're just looking and it's more likely to make you go and see it in the flesh if you like it than not...but with digi kits, they're being shared around and used with only the first person paying anything...or worse, one designer is passing off others' CU stuff as their own...I was unfortunate enough to be CTing for 2 designers (they got together to share the CT) who it turned out were doing that - it all went public and they treated the CT appallingly...we had no idea of course, but it was a horrid feeling to feel we'd been associated with someone who would do that. The really sad thing was they didn't need to do it coz the stuff they'd made themselves was great anyway. What a waste. I think it's just one of those things you have to accept happens in this digi good pretending it doesn't happen or that people will feel bad enough from a 'please don't do this' sign in a kit that they won't do may prevent newbies from making that mistake I suppose… Anyways, great links Hummie and always good to help people be aware!
Thank you! Bernie x

I have seen alot of stop piracy, on many kits. Jules

It's always nice to have access to copyright information that is readily available when you need to access it. Thanks Hummie! Dawn

This is necessary information for the digital world f today. Thansk 204cg

I appreciate that you have provided this resource. Copyright law, even for copyright lawyers, is a challenge, and we often get it wrong. Before it's demise, i was lucky enough to take a copyright class in a yahoo group. I've just written the instructor to ask if the group or class exists elsewhere, and will comeback and post the site if it does exist. It was a great class. lovinlifegurl -

I think it's important that we should all be aware of copyright regulations but they can be complicated and hard to understand. The StopPiracy site goes a long way to helping us with this difficult problem. As far as I am concerned it should be a case of if you haven't produced an item completely on your own and from scratch then dont claim it as your own a1bjm

Great info.....helps clear up some things. Wingz

Wow, thanks! Looks like there's some reading to be done! Justamommie

Thanks for the information, Hummie. Tammyshere

Great... but in English. I prefer to look for information in French language :) Amarie

I've got the viewpoint: If it ain't yours, don't share. This was really interesting. Its always tempting to share with family or friends cause we're 'being nice', but that doesn't make it right. Also if I'm not sure about sharing I don't. Maggie