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The Fun Extras - Set Four

73.Link to Resource - Calibrating (link to comment)

There are two links for this lesson because each is regarding calibrating monitors. When you print your layouts, are the colors the same as what you saw on your screen? If not, then it is probably your screen and not your printer!

This subject is touched on in Course 1, Lesson 2, but I wanted to share with you exactly how the Spyder works so that you could choose for yourself whether or not to purchase one.

Have your layouts ever printed out a different color than you are seeing on the screen? It is not your printer! It is your screen! At the end of this video, you can see the before and after calibration.

Amazon You can compare the prices. There's a new one call Eye-One since I last investigated them when I purchased mine. I could not today find them at Best Buy.


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