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Pulltite and Pulltite Spring & Cabin

Videos of our Trip

Current River Float & Pulltite Springs Aug 2021

Current River, Pulltite to Round Springs (August 9, 2017)

Current River, Pulltite to Round Springs (July 23, 2012) #1

We canoed Pulltite to Round spring on July 23, 2012. This video is not long after we first started canoeing on the Current River.I have canoed this section of the river often and each time there is a major flood, the river changes.

Current River, Pulltite to Round Springs (July 23, 2012) #2

Some more canoeing.

Current River, Pulltite to Round Springs (July 23, 2012) #3

This is our lunch spot which we thought was perfect.

Visit the Ozark National Scenic Riverways Map and download it for you trip. The above image is a snippet of this map showing the Upper Current River places to visit. Not all of these places are in Dent County as some are in Shannon County, along with the Middle Current River areas. Cedar Grove is just over the county line in Dent County. Welch begins Shannon County.

This canoe trip from Pulltite to Round Springs is my favorite. I show here having been on it three times, but there were many more times before I was able to take cameras on the water. Sometimes I feel as if I almost have this stretch of the river memorized.

August 2021 Photos

This is a canoeing experience with my neighbor. It is amazing that we can now use our cell phones on water trips to take photos. After all the years of other devices. We did kayaks during this trip and it was the first time for me and now I want to do it this way all the time.

This is the path leading up to the Pulltite Cabin. It is such a beautiful place to pull over your canoe and hike up the trail to Pulltite Spring.

This is Pulltite Cabin.

This is a photo of the actual Pulltite Spring at the end of the trail.

August 9, 2017 Photos

This is a canoeing experience with my husband for our anniversary.

We had bought our first underwater camera and it sure was fun to play with.

It is so odd when I see views of the river and recognize them. Many of these photos do that for me.

We call these "famous feet shots" because we do it a lot.

These photos are all messed up in order, but this is going up to pulltite spring.

Some of these are of pulltite cabin and I like the close ups to show the condition of the cabin.

The graffiti in the cabin makes me sad.

2012 Photos

This is a trip that I took with my friend and it was her first canoeing experience.

I have a great story of a lady and this tree or one just like it from a scouting trip some years earlier. She and her son went under the tree that was so low that while bending over sideways her pants got caught on the limb. I looked back and she was hanging upside down from the tree!

I love these views with the classic ozark mountains in the distance where it seems the river ends, but I know it does not.

This is the end of the Pulltite to Round Springs canoe trip. If you see this bridge, do not go under it because it is the end.