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Pickle Springs Natural Area

The above video was taken in September of 2020. Pickle Springs Natural Area is maintained by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

We visited again to record the above video on September 20, 2020. This is such a popular and awesome trail. It is important to take a photo of the map on the sign before heading down the trail so that you can be sure to spot each of the entertainingly named and unique places along the trail.

One of the most known places along the trail is the Double Arch. It is amazing how thin the one support rock beam is and yet it continues to support the tons of rock overhead.

I did not take my camera during the 2020 hike and focused on the video instead. So I hope you enjoy the video and get a good idea of what this park is like.

I took a lot of photos in 2010, but that was with my regular camera. I have gone through them and decided to just let my previous post below stand rather than to add any more. The photos sure do look over processed to me.


Hubby and I took an impromptu trip to Pickle Springs Natural Area last weekend on April 2, 2010. I had a blast with photographing as we walked on this beautiful 2 mile trail.

This is a map of the trail. As you can see, there are many special areas along the way that are marked by signs.

The hiker is quickly confronted with huge bolders along the trail.

It was a beautiful Spring day and many of the flowers were just beginning to open up.

The Slot sign

The slot was a huge long crevice. We thought about walking down the crevice, but with this being the beginning of the trail, we did not know what was in store for us up ahead, so we continued on.

At one point, early on the trail, we lost the trail and stood for a long time until I finally spotted where the trail continued on the other side of the creek. We had to climb down into the creek bed and back up. I was hopeful that the entire trail would not be so difficult, and it was not. I was a little worried for a bit though!

This is a shot of the water trickling where we had to cross the creek.

This is a further out view of the above photo.

Hubby is always SO silly!

This bridge greeted us as we came onto the Double Arch.

Double Arch sign

This is a shot of the Double Arch rocks. There were youth sitting above and they did not seem to be the least concerned that the smallest point had a huge crack in it.

The Keyhole sign

We assumed that this was the keyhole. Nonetheless, once you walk through this rock, one is confronted with some wonderful views.

Pickle Creek sign

The fall on the upper side of the Pickle Creek bridge.

The fall on the lower side of the Pickle Creek bridge.

The entire trail was lined with this beautiful moss.

High Crossing sign. We couldn't quiet figure out this area, except for the fact that we were in a valley and everything else was high around us.

I found a beetle on its back struggling and stepped over it after taking a photo.

Of course, Hubby had to save the beetle from an ugly death.

Twin Bridges was where Bone Creek and Pickle Creek came together.

I could have stayed at Mossy Falls taking photos for a while!

Spirit Canyon was a long walk by huge cliffs. You could hear the water trickling off the cliffs.

Spirit Canyon sign (which was at the end of the long hike through huge cliffs)

We came upon this beautiful rock overlook with the sun setting over it. I am not sure if it was the Owl's Den Bluff or the Dome Rock.

From the top of the overlook one walks down and around until you are at the bottom of where you were just standing.

Pickle Springs

Rockpile Canyon sign

We assumed this was the rock pile, but it seemed a bit silly.

Headwater Falls sign was a short distance from the rock pile.

The trail took us down to this outlook, but there was not really much to see. There was some more trickling water, but maybe in a few weeks after more rain this part of the trail would be more spectacular. It was confusing as one has to backtrack along the trail and for a moment you wonder where the trail continues.

I spotted this pine overhanging the trail before we reached the sign for the Piney Glade.

Piney Glade

It wasn't until we were back at the beginning of the trail that we noticed this cute box with handy walking sticks available for use. It was too late now!