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Well, the last time for me was when we did photos for the church directory.......whenever that was...maybe 2007!


Your replies...

Dust gathers on the calendar thinking about that one lol


We got a family pic done in the spring of 2004 with DH, me and both of our sets of kiddos. Since then we've added 1 more kiddo to the mix and not had a full family one done yet. My son and daughter have moved out and away and it's just not going to happen easily! We had our youngest's pic done at age 17 months, but not since (planning on getting her 3 yr one done next month). The older kids had their Senior pics done in 2003 and 2005 and the two in the middle get theirs done each fall at school. I have to find a way to talk DH into getting a big group photo when my daughter flies home for a visit next month!


We have not done a family portrait since 2005, but Ds gets his pics taken every birthday.


We've never had a family portrait with all of us. Just never worked out. ::sigh:: there's always this year, I guess. I do have a nice photo of DH and DD's from Christmas - they had a friend take it and framed it for me and it's very precious to me.


We try to do it every year for Christmas. Er... *I* try to do it every year for Christmas -- dh goes along grudgingly!


Oh goodness, as a family, our last group shot was about 2 years ago.
Individually, we have Rachel's photo taken ALL the time, LOL. My last individual pic was for the yearbook when I was still working as a high school librarian (about 3 yrs ago)
Hubby's last individual one would probably be his driver's license, LOL.


Our last professional family photo was probably in 03. I had the kids' pics taken last summer for a Father's day present. We do our own family photos usually 2x/yr - Christmas and Easter (when everyone's dressed up anyway). I try to get nice shots of the kids every 6 months around their birthdays and 1/2 birthdays - but they're just shots I take, nothing fancy.


I had the kids done at least once a year, often 2 or 3 times. But now that I have my DSLR I think I may stop spending all that money and try and do a professional looking shot myself. The camera can do it...but can the photographer? *LOL*
As for a family photo. We had one done the weekend of my daughters first birthday...and she is SIX now *L* Not to mention the fact that my son isn't in it. I just hate my current weight and my husband is never around.



we had one done Christmas of 06'. I would love to get it done again but I am disgusted with myself and dont want my pic taken.


I take all my own "professional photos" now. I have hated the way professional ones looked the last few times I had them done. And I can take my time and take breaks as I need to to get what I want. When I took my dd for portraits at 3 months old she screamed through most of it and so I only got 2 shots of her out of the whole roll, and it was supposed to be 1/3 my oldest, 1/3 them together and 1/3 baby. instead it is 1 of them together (very blegh photo) and 1 of her asleep after I nursed her to calm her down from the screaming fit from the 1 of them together. Irony was that the guy had no clue what to do with a sleeping baby, so I had to pose her!


I remember my mum having some done of me and my brothers when we were younger, hated them with a passion. I don't like school photos either, actually I don't really go for those posed photos at all I like the more natural shots that I take myself. They seem to show more personality somehow. Each to their own I guess.


Oh my least 15 years ago. Tammy


Oh gosh I want to have some done in the next month or 2. The last time was about 4 years ago. My little-est granddaughter was not even born Maggie




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