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The Fun Extras - Set Nine

170. Funeral Photos

Do you have an funeral photos? Gravesite photos? Have you scrapped them and do you find the muster to journal?

Sometimes these layouts can be good therapy to get over sadness.

I do have some gravesite photos, but I do not think I have any funeral photos. I may scrap some grave markers for genealogy purposes one day. I did scrap my Dad's gravesite a year after he was buried.


Here is what you had to say!

Sherry: I have every grave marker from my family I could get. I have my Mother and my uncle's funeral. To me, even with death being such a sad and sometimes tragic time it is also a home going life event. Many of my photos show laughter as well as tears. I haven't made layouts with them yet I have only put them in categories for my genealogy book. I do make layouts every year of my loved ones who have passed as a way of being able to spend some time with them once again.

LouAnn: I haven't done a funeral or graveside, but last year my grandson passed away 2 hours after birth. We knew in advance that this would happen, and we were blessed to have a photographer from "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" there to photograph the entire thing from birth, to all of us holding him, to even when he finally passed and the grieving after. She then gave me a CD of all the photos and after a few months I was finally able to make a digital scrapbook of all those precious photos and the family that was gathered there that day. I printed copies for everyone, and we really cherish having those!

Carla: I do have some pre-funeral photos that I know I will scrap, but it's still too raw.

Deb: I do have a couple of grave stone pictures of my dads and my sisters that I need to dig up.
I at one time use to go to cemeteries and take pictures, but that was a long time ago and I don't have those pictures anymore.

Tammy: I took photos at my sister's memorial service and I've scrapped a few of them. Death is a part of life.


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