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The Fun Extras - Set Nine

165. Bible Art Journaling

I have become addicted to Bible art journaling and some have asked how I do it, so I created this video to share.

There is a key tip in I almost left out and that is to use the multiply blending mode to make the white of the screen capture paper disappear. It is in the video, but I wanted to mention it.

Here is my process as I describe it:

1. Screen capture Bible verses and paste into program file. Create a new layer and use brushes to underline text as you would in a real Bible. Consider color coding.

2. Type your thoughts about the page as you ponder the verses, similar to if you would write text to the side of your Bible.

3. Begin to find ways to set apart the text blocks you have created, either with papers underneath or brushes of rectangles, squares, and circles.

4. Add other artwork about the page. Utilize digital scrapbooking products or other art journaling products.

I reference a post in the video, but here is the information from that post.

On August 31, 2014, I discovered Bible Art Journaling through Heather Green and Shanna Noel. I felt so encouraged because I had withdrawn from the thought of art journaling because so many that I see online seem to be more "self-help" (new age religion) and I did not want to be lead astray.  So to find an art journaling group specifically for Christians excited me!

I wanted to get right away an Art Journaling Bible which has wide margins that can be filled with fabulous doodles of my thoughts as I read through the Bible.

Then as I let the thoughts settle, I realized I needed to admit to myself that, yes, I know, that although I have a huge appreciation for art, I myself am not very gifted in art.  That is why I have loved digital scrapbooking so much and, as I've always said, my Photoshop makes me artistic.  

I also have a problem with my eyes getting worse and worse and I recalled my recent changes in the last few years. I now read all my Bible electronically using eSword on my computer and iPad mostly, but it is also on my iPhone (and love my life application study notes and customized settings) and keep I keep my Bible notes in OneNote.  

I love that my OneNotes go with my anywhere, from laptop, to second laptop, to browser on other computers, to my iPad, and my iPhone.  With a four finger swipe, I can easy move from my eSword app to my OneNote app where I have my Bible notes. I take my iPad to church and Bible studies.  I started moving over all my notes, at one time, from my long-time Bible to my OneNotes, but never finished.  I need to get back to doing that too.

So I have a system I love for reading the Bible, so why would I want to spend $25 to $30 on a Bible I might not love and I might feel forced to try to use because I'm just not that good at doodling with my hands?

So guess what I'm doing!  I'm feeling SO inspired to create 6 x 6 Bible Art Journaling pages and putting them right into my OneNote with all my other notes!

I opened up my current Bible study and was lead to 1 Timothy 4:4 and I realized that I could just get a screen shot of the scriptures (because that's what I love about the journaling right into the Bible) and paste it into my file. Then I used Photoshop brushes (marker type) to highlight the text, just as if I had a marker in my own hand.

Then I started writing my notes as I would normally write them into OneNote about the text and before I knew it, I was editing the text for size and color, adding papers and elements from digital scrapbooking, and I had something I loved!

A tip for anyone who might be reading this and be inspired, when you copy the scripture into your file, utilize the "darken" blending mode and the white of the paper blends into your background paper, making it disappear.


This tutorial may not be for everyone as all are not of the faith, but it may still help you if you think outside the box. How could you use this to share any book discussion?


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