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The Fun Extras - Set Nine

173. What are your favorite keyboard shortcuts?


Here are mine! I have been giving out this list at my local night classes when I teach for some time now, but have forgotten to share them with you.


Control J - New layer via copy (duplicate) – copy entire layer or selection

Control G - Group layers

Control D – Deselect

D – Foreground and background colors default to black and white

X – Foreground and background colors switch (eXchange)

Control U – Hue/Saturation Pop-up box

Control L – Levels Pop-up box

Control T – Transform tool (brings up bounding box)

Control I – Inverse (layer mask from black to white)

Control Backspace - Fill with background color

Alt Backspace – Fill with foreground color

Space bar – Hand Tool

Control Z – Undo (works in other programs – try it to save the day!)

Control S – Save (A Must Do Often!)

. . . and of course, just as in many programs and even browsers, Control C for copy and Control V for paste.


Here are your answers!

Dawn: This is an AMAZING resource! Thanks for sharing again! Ctrl+J! And Ctrl+ D

Patricia: Control+G, use it so much. So glad you talked me into trying Photoshop Elements and getting away from Paint Shop Pro. It is so much easier to use with the clipping effect.

Tammy: Mine are control J, control d, and control z



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