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The Fun Extras - Set Nine

164. 3 Words to Describe You

So, I just called hubby in here and said, "say the first three words you think of when you think of me." He said, "I'm in trouble." So, I called him back in here again and told him I asked the wrong question. I then asked him for "3 words that describe me." He said, "My lovely wife."


Your replies...

Since I am in the computer room working with DH right now I asked him. He did not want to play along so I got huffy with him and this is what he said... invasive, persistent, and relentless!  I should have just left him out of it!!


ROFL!!!  I think we had better leave my DH out of the question altogether, because of that personality thing ;) However, on a good day (a day where I wasn't annoying him) it would probably be something like supportive, amusing, creative. And on a bad day it would be resistant, stubborn, and German. LOL, that's right, German. Anytime I am hard to understand or uncooperative, or reluctant, or _________________ he just blames it on (half) of my heritage.


Hmm, this would not be a good week to ask him. You'd get answers like lazy, nagging, and mean. My hubby said "his golden retriever" which goes back to a love seminar we took several years ago. There was a personality quiz in our books and my results named me a golden retriever while his was a lion. lol  A year or so after the seminar we were laying in bed and he was busy ranting and raving about work stuff and finally asked me my thoughts or something along those lines, and I stuck my tongue out and started panting. He gave me the funniest look and asked what I was doing. I said I was just being his golden retriever and listening when he needed to vent. lol  (this in no way authorizes ANYONE to call me a dog though!! lol)


My man isn't home, but I think he's say something like thoughtful, creative, and stubborn. And I'd only agree with him about the last one. :D Tammy I asked him this morning...he said "friendly" (I laughed!!!!!! I don't see myself as friendly *at all*), "encouraging" and someone who keeps others accountable. He's a thinker and an analyzer, so getting one word answers from him isn't easy. Tammy


I asked my hubby and the first word he said without even thinking was "TROUBLE" lol. Then he said, beautiful, thoughtful, caring. I like his first words best :) Maggie

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