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Salad Combinations


I saw a cool graphic on Pinterest with columns and combinations of ingredients for a salad. However, I realized some of them had ingredients I do not eat, so I thought I would create a post with a list of salad combinations that I like. This is a great way to inspire eating healthy! Love it! I may refer back to it from time to time.


bacon, egg, onion, tomato
bacon, cheddar, apples, walnuts
walnuts, blue cheese, apples, celery
chicken, blue cheese, mushrooms, onions
almonds, broccoli, red bell peppers, feta
shrimp, grapes, olives, mozzarella
steak, red peppers, onions, mushrooms
turkey, walnuts, mushrooms, dried cranberries
ham, asparagus, green onions, mushrooms
egg, carrots, tomato, cucumber
shredded cheese, tomato, green peppers, eggs
tomato, eggs, chopped sugar snap peas, red bell pepper