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Storing cheese

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Click on the image source link to read a great article about storing cheese.

Wow.  See, I love cheese and I've always wondered if I am storing it wrong.  I do put it in a plastic baggie!

Oh no, my poor expensive cheeses that I delight in may be in danger!

The counter guy at Schnucks gave me some special cheese paper one day and I've been trying to use it.   I had never heard of cheese paper before and now I think I may have to be on the look out for it or just order it online, although the article indicates parchment paper works too and I already have parchment paper in my drawer.

Can I ask then, what is cheesecloth named such?  Oh, it is for making cheese, not storing it.  Of course, it is good for other things too such as straining stock for gravy, putting over a canning jar full of powered sugar for dusting on powered sugar, and straining fruit after muddling for a craft cocktail.

To sum up the awesome article on the image source link above.

1.  Cheese paper allows breathing, yet helps keep in moisture.
2.  Hard cheese in open plastic bag after wrapped in cheese paper for extra help in retaining moisture.
3.  Blue cheese types should go in plastic container after wrapped in cheese paper to help the spread of smells.
4.  Soft cheese insues disagreement as some say only a cheese paper wrap and some say changing a plastic wrap every few days.
5.  Fuzzy mold can be cut off; eat the good parts.
6.  Never freeze cheese.