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Steak salad and Onion Straws

h my!  I should NOT read recipes online.  This is what happens!  Yep.  It was yummy, and was intended to be good for me, but I'm not certain that happened.  The scale will tell me tomorrow!

I made a T-bone steak, deboned it, and sliced it.  When I eat meat, it seems to move the scales downward and I do not understand that totally.  I generally follow it up with exercise and I think my body needs the protein and fat to build muscles, and then the muscles in turn burns more calories.  It's the only thing I can figure out. 

So my intention was to use up this lettuce before it was wasted and add meat to it.

I had fresh lettuce from the farmer's market.  I added a roma tomato and green pepper.  I am up to 126 calories and not doing too bad.

I even added my new favorite cheese (Somerdale Black Mountain white cheddar).  Ooops, now I'm up to 236 calories!  Still okay.

But then I had to have a dressing and because I made "the below fattening stuff," I did not have time to figure out how to make homemade dressing, so I added some Thousand Island dressing and tossed it.  I am now at 376 calories, which still isn't too bad for my mean meal of the day.


I went crazy and made these onion straws!  Now that I made them, I'm going to be SO tempted to make them again!

They are easy to make.  I sliced one small white onion (34 calories) into thin circles.  I mixed a cup of milk with a tad of white vinegar to make buttermilk and soaked and tossed the onion slices to coat.

I mixed about a cup of flour, salt, pepper, and chili seasoning (should have done other spices too, like cumin, I love cumin, but I was in a hurry) and coated the onions with it and fried them in canola oil.

Ooops.  To the best of my ability, I figure my meal to now be 647 calories!  Ouch! That's more than a Big Mac at 550 calories!  Oh, but add the fries and.... well... maybe I'm okay and I had fresh veggies.  

I enjoyed every single bite though!  The BEST bite, however was the one with an onion and the cheese together.  Oh, I could make them come together anytime!