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The Fun Extras - Set Ten

187. First Digital Scrapbooking Retreat


In 2009, I planned and held the first digital scrapbooking retreat in St. Louis. I never did hold another one. It is such a great memory for me that I thought I would share parts of it with you here. It is a little odd for a Fun Extras lesson, but it was fun and it does not fit anywhere else on the website. These are from blog posts.



I just finished making these cute little booklets for each person at the gathering to go with my first presentation.

I thought I would share with you the inspiration for your own scrapbooks. This is a simple, inexpensive way to bind brag books!

Of course, I'm not sharing with you just yet what the theme is.



This is a really bad photo, but it is 1 a.m. and I'm still working on stuff and the lighting in my kitchen was very dim.

I really should not be sharing all this stuff with everyone and spoiling surprises! However, here's a really bad photo of the first name tag! Do you spy a color scheme again?

I used a few things from one of kits that will be available on the attendance gifts cd's I'm currently busy burning!



We have arrived at our hotel room. It is really quiet on our hallway and we wonder where and what rooms the others may be in. The hotel is a very nice hotel. It is time to do some more planning before retiring for the evening. I hope that we can sleep well so that we can have a wonderful day tomorrow.


3/28/2009 We are beginning! Here are photos of the room!

3/28/2009 Meet us in a video!

3/28/2009 And here is a "group photo" as everyone works on their first layout of the day...

3/28/2009 We had a great time getting to know one another over lunch in the hotel's restaurant. They didn't have enough room to seat us all together, but we made the most of it in our two groups.

3/28/2009 Here we are creating our scrapbook pages.

3/29/2009 Back Row: Amber (Stolen Moments), Deb (ScrappinCop), Brandi (DigiBrandi), Ann (roocmc)
Middle Row: Hummie, Penny, Virginia (Ladyvdzine), Tammy (Bunchie), Angie
Front row: Becky (rherrin4), Nicole (Digi-designs by Nicole), Heather, Natlie
Missing: Jen went home early

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