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The Fun Extras - Set Ten

189. Most Used Photoshop Elements Keyboard Shortcuts

The class I am teaching in the evenings requested that I make a list of my most used keyboard shortcuts. Being brand new to Photoshop Elements, they are constantly jotting them down as I tell them to use them. 

I thought that everyone might appreciate this list since I took the time to make it.

Watch the quick tip videos for more keyboard shortcuts. I have shared many and have many more to share!


Control J - New layer via copy (duplicate) – copy entire layer or selection

Control G - Group layers

Control D – Deselect

D – Foreground and background colors default to black and white

X – Foreground and background colors switch (eXchange)

Control U – Hue/Saturation Pop-up box

Control L – Levels Pop-up box

Control T – Transform tool (brings up bounding box)

Control I – Inverse (layer mask from black to white)

Control Backspace - Fill with background color

Alt Backspace – Fill with foreground color

Space bar – Hand Tool

Control Z – Undo (works in other programs – try it to save the day!)

Control S – Save (A Must Do Often!)

. . . and of course, just as in many programs and even browsers, Control C for copy and Control V for paste.



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