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183. - 10 Ways to Save Time


10 Ways to Save Time

Do you ever find it difficult to find time to scrapbook? I have for you 10 ways to save time so that you can get a layout done! 

Everyone is always exclaiming to me "how do you do so much!" I think part of the reason is that I have just developed over the years a habit for time-saving techniques.

1. Limit television watching. The evolution of the DVR/Tivo has helped me considerably! I only watch the shows that I record and never watch a commercial! I am no longer tied down to the TV watching it at specific times, but rather curl up in my chair at the end of the night when I need to relax. There is always something recorded that I am interested in watching.

2. Have no useless waiting time. Yes, I have even been known to take my laptop to doctor's offices if I am waiting on someone else's appointment or even taken a calculator to balance my checkbook while waiting for my own appointment. With the immergance of G3 telephones and access to the internet at all times, you could even pay your bills online while waiting.

3. Just let it go.  Maybe, just maybe, if you do not do the dishes and just let them go, the ugly stack or inability to get a clean glass will eventually bother others in your home enough that they will wash a few dishes. Meanwhile, you can get a layout done! Realize that life will go on even if they do not wash them as well as you would wash them.

4. Shop less often. I only grocery shop every 4 to 6 weeks. I make one big excursion and stock up. In between shopping trips, I let my men make runs to the store for me. Usually they are the ones who are missing the snacks more than me anyway, so they are ready to go! I also like allowing my freezer and cabinets to go bare as I know there will not be lurking somewhere a product that is suddenly a year old!

5. Develop the pile system. I have SO many piles about my house for so many different projects. I hate the piles, but it works! This is my way of organizing. I save up similar tasks so that I can handle them all at once. Then when I'm ready to attack a task, its all there together and ready to go! Besides, I eventually hate the piles so much that I'm motivated to do something with them. This could be seen negatively as procrastination, but as long as you do not let the piles go too long or just move a pile from one place to another place, it really works! Of course, a file cabinet and other organizational products are a big help too.

6. Make a to-do list. There is something exhilarating about being able to mark something off of a to-do list. It feels like a burden off of my shoulders! In addition, I do not feel the "worry" of possibly forgetting something I need to do, constantly running the list through my head. It helps me to sleep! I have Microsoft OneNote and am really loving how I can just jot down anything into an organized manner. Everyone should get this program! Make a list of which layouts you want to do. Save challenge information with links to the challenges.

7. Stop cruising the internet! YES, it takes much self-discipline, but it can be done! Just tell yourself "Self, you won't miss what you don't ever see in the first place!" Be brave, shut down that browser and open your digital scrapbooking program! Go ahead, you can do it! 

8. Every meal does not need to be fancy. Yes, I worry if all food groups are eaten at every meal, but they do not care! I've learned over the years that my men are actually happier with simple eating techniques. I'm not disappointed that they did not eat something that I slaved over and they are not stressed to have to eat when they are not hungry. Just because they grabbed something frozen from the freezer and skipped the vegetables does not mean that they are going to suddenly come down with a week-long sickness.

9. Stop downloading digi-supplies and organizing. How is your time better spent? Creating a layout that will last forever or unzipping and tagging everything you download? This one goes hand in hand with #7 above!

10. Utilize those small moments. One of the benefits of digital scrapbooking is that we do not have to keep all of our supplies spread out all over the table until we finish a layout! Do you have 15 extra minutes before work? Do not spend it dusting the coffee table, use the time to work on a layout! You can always work on it for another 15 minutes later until you get it done. Do not think that you cannot get anything significant done in 15 minutes and just waste that time. Of course, you do have to be careful to avoid using more than your 15 minutes and being late!

First published June 13, 2009




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