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The Fun Extras - Set Ten

200. Scrapbooking Album Themes


There are so many theme ideas for scrapbooking albums. Most do a chronological themed album. However, it is difficult sometimes to go back to do older photos when there are so many of them and setting a goal for a special themed album can be inspiring.

I have done two special themed albums. When I do a special themed album, I create it so that it can be printed through Shutterfly and given as gifts to my boys.

I did a heritage album for them for this past Christmas. The Christmas before last I did a Halloween Custumes Through the Years themed album for the boys. This Christmas I want to go back and gather photos of all of their birthday cakes and make an album for them. I also did all of their scouting photos. I should order that as a Shutterfly book. I had forgotten I had done that!

Try to think outside the box and consider what repetitive theme occurs in those photos sitting in the boxes.

I will brainstorm here to get us started! Here goes:

Halloween Costumes through the Years
Birthday Cakes through the Years
Baby's First Year
Baby's Firsts
Holidays through the Years (i.e. Put all your childhood Christmas photos in one book)
Christmas trees through the years
School Years (include events)
Child's Artwork (scan in all those art pieces that you saved from your refrigerator)
School Awards
Sports through the years (i.e. collect all of your child's soccer photos and make one book)
Vacations through they years
Priceless Treasures (take photos of all those items you inherited and document who they belonged to)
Camping through the years
Friendship (i.e every wonder who all those photos are of people not related to you in your great-grandparents photos?)
Mother's Day/Father's Day through the years
Family Homes (gather photos that show each generations homes and where they lived)



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