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The Fun Extras - Set Ten

198. Steal Like An Artist: Austin Kleon & Newspaper Blackout

I now want to steal from Austin's Newspaper Blackout and try it for myself! Such a cool idea that has probably been done before, or I think I've remembered that kind of idea from my childhood, but he made a book from it.

Creative theft?  We all do it, right?  I know I do.

Digital scrapbookers call it "scraplifting."

Here are a few quotes from the video.

Take a nugget that resonates with you.

Remix previous ideas.

Mash up previous ideas.

The sum of you is greater than your parts.

Creative kleptomaniac.

Steal only the things that mean something to you.

Expose yourself to the best things human has done and try to bring those things into what you are doing.  Steve Jobs

Good artist copy, great artists steal.  Picaso

Tasteful thief.  David Bowie

Turn it into something better.  Imitation is not flattery.  Transformation is flattery





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