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The Fun Extras - Set Ten

184. No comments on your layouts in the gallery? How does it make you feel?

The above video clip is a fun pun on the classic etiquette rule of "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Is this how people feel when they upload to a gallery and do not get any comments?

I doubt it, but no comments can be discouraging regardless.

In addition, comments such as "looks great!" are not much better than no commenting.

The reason most people do not comment in galleries is because it is just so time consuming to really look at a layout and really think of something creative to say about it to build up and encourage one another. We are so time-strapped here in this day and age. I wonder if people felt that way 100 years ago?

Leave a comment and let us know how it makes you feel when you receive no comments on a layout.



Here are some of your comments:

I used to get annoyed when people didn't leave comments on my layouts (especially ones I really liked or really worked hard on) but after I thought about it, I realized that I don't create stellar layouts that really deserve commenting. They serve their purpose (memories) but they aren't amazing or even great. Most are adequate at best. After I realized that my layouts weren't the next wildfire of digi-scrapping, I stopped expecting comments and it didn't bother me when people didn't. In fact, because I assumed people wouldn't comment it was a pleasant surprise when people did, so the attitude shift worked out for me.  When I was doing it I would try to thoughtfully comment on 5 layouts for every one that I uploaded. I made a point of finding layouts that didn't any comments on them. It really did take a lot of time and was a lot of work, but I understand that most people crave the kind of validation that commenting provides so I would take the time to do it.


I think everyone likes to have their work noticed even if its just for the effort and the time we take to comment could make someones day and bring a smile to their face so it is worth the effort.


I really, really appreciate comments on my layouts; and for that reason I often wait to post layouts I've created, until I have time to comment on other people's layouts! And I'm always glad when I take time to peruse those other layouts - I'm often blessed with some great new ideas!!


I do think that not getting comments on a LO can make you think, 'wow, was this one really bad or something?' I know I've had those thoughts. But really I know that as long as I like them that's all that matters. Still, it does make a person feel good to see glowing comments on their LO's. 
I've been trying to comment more. It is hard, especially when maybe a LO's colors/elements/etc aren't your taste, to find a good thing to point out. No reason to not do it though!


I think that not making a comment would make me think that what I've done and shared was not worth it. I don't share very often. It's often too personal for me. And I'll admit the negative comments would make me feel badly....


I do like to see comments on my layouts. Because of that, I have my own personal "rule" that I will make 5 comments everytime I post a layout. I try to find something in each layout that I like, and comment on that. I don't think I would ever leave bad comments. After I receive a comment I also go to that person's gallery and make a comment on one of their layouts. I figure everyone is a little happier if they get someone noticing the layout they spent time on!






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