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Sisters Eleonore and Rosine: Mary Eleonore Boyer and Richard Marshall | Rosine Elizabeth Boyer and George W. Rutledge, Sr.

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Eleonore and Rosine's parents: Jean Baptiste Boyer & Maria Aurore St. Germain | Charles Boyer & Marie Madeleine Maurice dit Chatillon | Nicolas Boyer III & Dorothee Olivier | Nicolas Boyer II & Louise Payet dit St. Amour | Nicolas Boyer I & Marguerite Maclin | Etienne Boyer & Perinna Peineau |

Joseph St. Germain and Marie Josephine Josette Calvét (Parents of Maria Aurore St. Germain)

Joseph Antoine Calvet and Marie Josephe Therese Marechal (Parents of Marie Josephine Josette Calvét) | Nicolas Marechal and Marie Jean Illeret (Parents of Marie Joseph Therese Marechal and Antoine Marechal, siblings) | line continues with Antoine below

Jean Baptiste Maurice dit Chatillon & Marie Jeanne Corset (parents of Marie Madeline Maurice dit Chatillon) |

Francois Corset Dit Coco and Elisabeth Bienvenu (parents of Marie Jeanne Corset) |

Jean Baptiste Olivier & Marie Marthe Accica (parents of Dorothee Olivier, wife of Nicolas III) |

Pierre Payet dit Saint Amour & Louise Tessier (parents of Louise Payet dit St. Amour, wife of Nicolas II) |

Nicolas Maclin & Suzanne Larose (parents of Marguerite Maclin, wife of Nicolas I) |

Richard Marshall's parents: Benoist Marechal and Mayotte | Antoine Marechal and Mary Catherine Tabeau | Nicolas Marechal and Marie Jean Illeret | Claude Illeret and Simone Marie Martin (Marie Jean Illeret's parents) | also the unknown Mayotte

Nicolas Antoine Boyer I and Marguerite Maclin

Nicolas Antoine Boyer, I, was born on February 23, 1642, in La Rochelle, France, Aunis Province (now Charente-Maritime) to Etienne Boyer and Perinna Peineau. His parents are Etienne Boyer and Perinne Peineau. He was baptised at Notre Dame de Cogney. Read LaRochelle on Wiki. Nicolas was born after siege in 1627-1628, just 13 years after the siege, his parents would have lived through the siege.

Marguerite Maclin was the daughter of Nicolas Maclin and Suzanne Larose of Sezanne en Brie (which is 60 miles east of Paris) of the department of Champagne (Marne), France. She was born 1648 in Champagne, France.


Nicolas signed a 3 year servitude contract a LaRochelle to go to New France in the service of Claude Robutel. In 1664, he left France, the area of internal religious and political conflict. Claude Robutal was a merchant at LaRochelle who went to New France in 1653 and returned to France where he was married in 1659. Robutal continued to recruit new pioneers for his concession of the seigneuries of Ile St. Paul on January 28, 1664. Nicolas was to be a part of this concession for the time.


Marguerite came to New France as a Fille du Roi and had married Jean Chicot ant Boucherville on October 23, 1662. Marguerite and Jean had a daughter Catherine Chicot on Oct 24, 1663, and a son Jean Chicot on March 23, 1666. Her husband Jean Chicot died in 1667 at Montreal, Canada. Marguerite needed a spouse to help her with her young children.


Nicolas Antoine Boyer and Marguerite Maclin were married on August 18, 1667, at Notre Dame de Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They had 10 children.


On April 24, 1668, Nicolas and Marguerite have a daughter, Marguerite Boyer, who died the same day.


On April 13, 1669, Nicolas and Marguerite have a son, Jacques Boyer.


On April 28, 1669, Nicolas and Marguerite have a son Jean Boyer. Jean would die on October 22, 1687 at the age of 16 years.


On May 27, 1674, Nicolas and Marguerite have a son, Paul Boyer. Paul would die in 1694 at the age of 21 years.


On February 16, 1677, Nicolas and Marguerite have a daughter, Marie Boyer.


On February 23, 1679, Nicolas and Marguerite have a son, Nicolas Antoine Boyer, II.


On March 31, 1682, Nicolas and Marguerite have a daughter, Marguerite J. Boyer.


On May 23, 1684, Nicolas and Marguerite have a son, Zacharias Boyer.


On April 24, 1686, Nicolas and Marguerite have a daughter, Anne Francoise Boyer, who died May 1, 1986, at the age of 7 days.


On April 15, 1688, Nicolas and Marguerite have a daughter, Marguerite Boyer.


The notorial records indicate that on June 30, 1694, Nicolas and Marguerite had been working for Jean Debeins and that Jean promised to pay the 12 livres still owed them on Saint Martin's Day. Jean was a neighbor of the Boyer family living at Riviere St. Pierre. This was a farming community, which indicates that Nicolas was a farmer.


Nicolas died May 24, 1714, in Montreal, Canada.

Marguerite died June 21, 1733 in Montreal, Canada.