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Sisters Eleonore and Rosine: Mary Eleonore Boyer and Richard Marshall | Rosine Elizabeth Boyer and George W. Rutledge, Sr.

(Richard Marshall additional pages: Pardon Papers and Supreme Court and My Synopsis and Thoughts and Legends of Richard Marshall)

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Eleonore and Rosine's parents: Jean Baptiste Boyer & Maria Aurore St. Germain | Charles Boyer & Marie Madeleine Maurice dit Chatillon | Nicolas Boyer III & Dorothee Olivier | Nicolas Boyer II & Louise Payet dit St. Amour | Nicolas Boyer I & Marguerite Maclin | Etienne Boyer & Perinna Peineau |

Joseph St. Germain and Marie Josephine Josette Calvét (Parents of Maria Aurore St. Germain)

Joseph Antoine Calvet and Marie Josephe Therese Marechal (Parents of Marie Josephine Josette Calvét) | Nicolas Marechal and Marie Jean Illeret (Parents of Marie Joseph Therese Marechal and Antoine Marechal, siblings) | line continues with Antoine below

Jean Baptiste Maurice dit Chatillon & Marie Jeanne Corset (parents of Marie Madeline Maurice dit Chatillon) |

Francois Corset Dit Coco and Elisabeth Bienvenu (parents of Marie Jeanne Corset) |

Jean Baptiste Olivier & Marie Marthe Accica (parents of Dorothee Olivier, wife of Nicolas III) |

Pierre Payet dit Saint Amour & Louise Tessier (parents of Louise Payet dit St. Amour, wife of Nicolas II) |

Nicolas Maclin & Suzanne Larose (parents of Marguerite Maclin, wife of Nicolas I) |

Richard Marshall's parents: Benoist Marechal and Mayotte | Antoine Marechal and Mary Catherine Tabeau | Nicolas Marechal and Marie Jean Illeret | Claude Illeret and Simone Marie Martin (Marie Jean Illeret's parents) | also the unknown Mayotte

Antoine Marechal, Sr. and Mary Catherine Tabeau

Antoine Marechal, Sr. was born in October 12, 1754, in Cahokia, St. Clair County, Illinois (Haute-Louisiane, New France) to Nicholas Marechal I and Marie Jeanne Illeret. His mother was a half-blooded Native American and therefore, Antoine was one-fourth Native American. (find birth documentation)


Marie Catherine Tabeau was born 1757 in Châteauguay, Roussillon, Quebec, Canada to Jacques Hubert Tabeau and Marie-Charlotte Duquet. Her parents remained in Quebec where they are buried, so when and with whom did she come to the Illinois Country?



In the May 31, 1766 St. Louis (Spanish Louisiana Territory) census, Antoine is listed living with his widowed mother, Widow Marechal, Marie Jeanne Illeret. In this family are three arms-bearing men (Jacque Marechal, Nicolas Marchal, and Antoine Marechal) wife (Marie Jeanne), 3 adults males, 1 adult female (Catherine Marechal), 2 sons (Joseph Marechal and Francois Marechal), and 1 daughter (Marie Elisabeth Marechal). This census is available on the Missouri Secretary of State Archives and "are are the property of the National Archives of Spain and cannot be used for any purpose other than research."

Next door is Antoine's sister with her husband, Joseph Calvé is listed as an arms-bearing man, with a wife (Marie Marechal)(ALSO MY ANESTOR), one son (Joseph Jr.), 1 daughter (Marie Therese), and 1 slave.

Name of the Residents (Head of Household) is Nombres de los Vecinos; Men of Arms is Hombres de Armas; Women is Mujeres; Teenage Boys is Hijos varones grandes; Teenage Girls is Hembras grandes; Male children is Ninos; Female children is Ninas; Slaves is Esclavos; Assigned lands is Tierras Assignas; Horses and Mules is Bestias Cavalt; Large livestock is Ganado mayors; Lesser livestock is Ganado menos; and Muskets is Fuziles.


Antoine and Catherine were married on January 7, 1777, in St. Louis. This is the marriage record from the Old Cathedral in St. Louis, Missouri. I can see their parents names listed. Click here to read the entire entry. (get transcription; Ancestry shows two dates, the second as 19 Jan 1774)

From The Spanish Regime in Missouri, Volume Vol II. CXXV, Page 384, by Louis Houck (originally published prior to 1923).


On June 1, 1778, Antoine and Catherine have a daughter, Marie Madelaine Marechal, in St. Louis, Missouri.  No other information is immediately available.


On March 24, 1780, Antoine and Catherine have a son, Antoine Marechal, Jr., in St. Louis, Missouri.  He would marry Marguetite Couque or Cook and have children. He would die in Calhoun County, Illinois. (Note: get transcription)

In The Spanish Regime in Missouri, Volume 1 . XL, Page 185, by Louis Houck (originally published prior to 1923), there is a list of the soldiers in the Spanish Regime which include Antoine, giving his age as 36 and a Habitant (putting his birth year at 1744, but I have 1754). His name is listed as "Antoino Marichar" and he a "habitant" of "Ilinueses.  My ancestor Joseph Calvet is also listed in this same list of soldiers. Antoine Marechal and Joseph Calvet are brother-in-laws because Joseph Calvet was married to Antoine Marechal's sister, Marie Josephe Marechal. I note that the date of this list is in December 1780. Joseph Marechal is 26 years old and a Rower (puts birth year at 1754 and I have 1755). Jacobo (Jacques Benjamin "Jacob") Marechal is 40 years old and a Habitant (putting his birth year at 1740, but I have 1759. I assume Joseph and Jacob are the same as Antoine's brothers of the same name, but the ages do not fit.

Bookmark 55 indicates that Joseph and Antoine lived in St. Ferdinand (Florrisant) in 1796.


On April 13, 1783, Antoine and Catherine have a son, Jean Louis Marechal, in St. Louis, Missouri. He would marry Louise Portneuf and have one child. He died February 11, 1812.


On November 20, 1785, Antoine and Catherine have a daughter, Julie Marechal, in Florissant. She would marry Joseph Tayon and have children.


On January 30, 1786, Antoine and Catherine have a son, Jean Baptiste Marechal, in St. Louis. Nothing more is immediately known about him.


On February 07, 1790, Antoine and Catherine have a son, Leon Ferdinand Marechal, in Florissant.  He would marry Elizabeth Fournier and have children.


On December 7 1791, Antoine and Catherine have a daughter, Marie Catherine Marechal, in St. Louis. She would marry Ignace Tayon (Taillon) and have children.


Antoine is listed in the 1793 Illinois Early Census Index for St. Ferdinand. This would be Florissant today which was a French Catholic village named St. Ferdinand de Florissant after St. Ferdinand III, who was King of Castile, Spain from 1217 to 1252. (NOTE: find copy of census)


On April 26, 1794 Antoine and Catherine have a son Louis Benoit Camille (Benoist) Marechal in Florissant, Missouri. He is my 4th great-grandfather. See his biography.


On October 3, 1794 a plat of survey of Florisant was created. This images is credited to "Edited, JPinz" and uploaded to Ancestry in 2011.


On January 11, 1797, Antoine and Catherine have a daughter Marie Therese Marechal. She would marry Louis LeTourneau and have children. She would die May 2, 1849 in Carondelet.


On July 26, 1801, Antoine and Catherine have a son, Francois Emilien Marechal, who lived only a few days and died on July 31, 1801.


Quebec, Genealogical Dictionary of Canadian Families, Vol. 5; Sect. 2: p. 508


Antoine died in ____ in Florissant, St. Louis County, Missouri, USA. (find documentation, another places lists 1805) (Many people have given him the death date of 1827 (including Find-a-grave) because there is an Antoine Marechal as administrator of Frances Marechal's estate in 1827. This Antoine has a brother Francois who died in 1827. If he administered his brother's estate, he would still be alive in 1827. It is also secured (witnessed) by Baptiste Marechal and Louis Lefourncau)


Catherine died on July 15, 1836, in St. Louis County, Missouri. (find documentation)