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Sisters Eleonore and Rosine: Mary Eleonore Boyer and Richard Marshall | Rosine Elizabeth Boyer and George W. Rutledge, Sr.

(Richard Marshall additional pages: Pardon Papers and Supreme Court and My Synopsis and Thoughts and Legends of Richard Marshall)

Videos and Photos in Historic Ste. Genevieve

Eleonore and Rosine's parents: Jean Baptiste Boyer & Maria Aurore St. Germain | Charles Boyer & Marie Madeleine Maurice dit Chatillon | Nicolas Boyer III & Dorothee Olivier | Nicolas Boyer II & Louise Payet dit St. Amour | Nicolas Boyer I & Marguerite Maclin | Etienne Boyer & Perinna Peineau |

Joseph St. Germain and Marie Josephine Josette Calvét (Parents of Maria Aurore St. Germain)

Joseph Antoine Calvet and Marie Josephe Therese Marechal (Parents of Marie Josephine Josette Calvét) | Nicolas Marechal and Marie Jean Illeret (Parents of Marie Joseph Therese Marechal and Antoine Marechal, siblings) | line continues with Antoine below

Jean Baptiste Maurice dit Chatillon & Marie Jeanne Corset (parents of Marie Madeline Maurice dit Chatillon) |

Francois Corset Dit Coco and Elisabeth Bienvenu (parents of Marie Jeanne Corset) |

Jean Baptiste Olivier & Marie Marthe Accica (parents of Dorothee Olivier, wife of Nicolas III) |

Pierre Payet dit Saint Amour & Louise Tessier (parents of Louise Payet dit St. Amour, wife of Nicolas II) |

Nicolas Maclin & Suzanne Larose (parents of Marguerite Maclin, wife of Nicolas I) |

Richard Marshall's parents: Benoist Marechal and Mayotte | Antoine Marechal and Mary Catherine Tabeau | Nicolas Marechal and Marie Jean Illeret | Claude Illeret and Simone Marie Martin (Marie Jean Illeret's parents) | also the unknown Mayotte

Louis Benoit Camille (Benoist) Marechal and Mayotte


Louis Benoit Camile (Benoist) Marechal and a half-breed Cahokian Indian named Mayotte had an illigitimate child, Regis Marechal (Richard Marshall). However, Benoist later married Magdalena and had children, so this biography includes his some of his wife.


Louis Benoit (Benoist) Camille Maréchal was born April 26, 1794, in Florissant, St. Louis County, Missouri, to Antoine Marechal and Marie Catherine Tabeau. He was baptized on June 19, 1794, at St. Louis King of France Cathedral in St. Louis City, Missouri. (Need documents)

Magdalena Roy was born May 20, 1796, in St. Louis, Missouri, to Charles Julien "Charlot" Roy and Susanne Dodier, but since she is not my ancestor, she is not the main focus of this biography. Her age seems to be all over the place per the census: 1830 she is in her 20 = born 1800-1809; 1840 she is in her 30's = born 1800-1809; 1850 she is 50 = born 1800; 1860 she is 68 = born 1792; 1870 she is 68 = born 1802)


MAYOTTE - WHO WAS SHE? Richard's Mother is unknown other than her Mother was a Cahokian Indian. She had the name of Mayotte (which has various spellings) so either her father was a Mayotte (which is more likely) or she was married to a Mayotte and had an affair with Benoist. Another possibility is that she was a slave and had her master's surname. She would have most likely been of similar age to Benoist or younger, making her most likely birthdate between 1794 and 1800.


About 1815, Benoist has an illegitimate child, Regis Maréchal, with a half-breed Cahokian Indian named Mayotte. Benoist would have been about 21 years old. To the Catholic culture, having an illegitimate child was reprehensible, and therefore Benoist did not recognize his child. Regis was later angelized to Richard Marshall, but he had the nickname of Zico. Richard would have begun his life under the care of his mother. Richard's mother died when he was young leaving him alone in the world to fend for himself. We do not at this time know who his mother was or how young Richard was when she died. It seems that Richard continued to live in the community of his father, so Benoist must have cared for him to some extent, at least keeping up with his whereabouts. The 1830 census includes ages of household members, but not their names, and it is assumed that the 15 year old Richard is included in that census. Judge Primm wrote, "Zico was raised from hand to mouth, as it were, in the village, doing little chores here and there for a mere pittance sometimes, but generally for no pittance at all, and growing up to manhood without education, but with a willingness to work and with a kindness of disposition which made him even every ready to give a helping hand to those in need. Another worthy note is that Richard used his father's surname instead of his mother's surname. It is also notable to consider why Benoist did not marry Ms. Mayotte once she was pregnant and continue to have children with her. Possible reasons would be that she was married to another or that marriages for wealth and status were more common than marriages for love. Consider the use of dowery and marriage banns that were contracts during this time period.


Benoist and Magdalena were married on November 19, 1817, at Holy Family Church, Cahokia, St. Clair County, Illinois. (Why were they both born in St. Louis, but married in Illinois? Were they living there?)


On November 6, 1818, Benoist and Magdalena have a daughter, daughter, Catherine Marechal.  She would marry Charles Gates on July 21, 1834. I see no immediate indication that she had children and do not see a death date.


In the 1820 reconstructed census for the Louisiana and Missouri Territory, St. Louis County, he is listed as "Benoit," with a remark of "He signed his name with an "x.:  There is also a household remark of "Name on petition, 8 Jan 1817, from inhabitants of Carondelet about their "commons" land they have held for about 30 years & necessary for their support. Their claim is now being threatened by persons."


On April 17, 1821, Benoist and Magdalena have a son, Benoist Belisaire Marechal. He would marry Elizabeth E Pigeon and have children. He would die November 23, 1898, in Danville, Montgomery County, Missouri.


On June 27, 1823, Benoist and Magdalena have a son, Antoine Marechal, in St. Louis, Missouri. He would marry Mary Dauphin and have children. He would die March 16, 1879 at Main & Grundy, St Louis, Missouri.


On September 29, 1825, Benoist and Magdalena have a son, Francois Marechal. I see no immediate other information regarding him. I believe he is missing from the 1830 census so must have died.


In February 1827, Benoist and Magdalena have a son, Julienne Marechal who died on February 8, 1827.


On January 20, 1828, Benoist and Magdalena have a son Joseph Marechal. He would marry Celina Robert and have children. He would die July 14, 1907.


In the 1830 St. Louis Census, "Benoit Marashall" is living in "St. Louis Township: of St. Louis. (Is this Carondelet?) He is listed with the following 9 individuals:

Males: 1 in 30's (Benoist is age 36), 1 in 10-14 (this could be his illegitimate son Regis/Richard who is about 15), 2 in 5-9 (Benoist Jr is 9 and Antoine is 7), and 1 under 5 (Francois is 5 but I believe he has died, Joseph is 2)

Females: 1 in 60's (is this is mother who is age 73?), 1 in 20's (Magdalena is 34), 1 in 10-14 (Catherine is 12), 1 under 5 (Adrienne was born in 1830)


On December 24, 1830, Benoist and Magdalena have a daughter,  Adrienne Marechal (Marie Andronica, Andria N., Andriana). She would marry John Baptiste Moussette and have children.  She died on June 11, 1907, in St. Louis.


On April 1, 1832, Benoist and Magdalena have a son, Louis Mathieu Marechal (Matthew). He would marry Mary Elizabeth "Eliza" Conrad and have children. He would die November 3, 1892, in St. Louis.


On August 17, 1834, Benoist and Magdalena have a daughter, Juliana Marie Marechal (Julia).  She would marry Leonades Chartrand and have children. She died June 15, 1913, in Carondelet.


On June 27, 1837, Benoist and Magdalena have a daughter, Philomene Josephine Marechal. She would marry Eugene Thies and have children.  She would die June 24, 1902, and be buried in St. Clair County, Illinois.


On July 18, 1839, Benoist and Magdalena have a daughter, Symphorosa Marechal.  I see no immediate indication of her death or any marriage.


In the 1840 Missouri, Saint Louis, St Ferdinand census, "B Marshall" is living in Carondelet (as written down the side). It is also written down the side "St. Ferdinand Street," but unless this is an old street that no longer exists or has been renamed, I believe this is the street across town and that there is a dividing mark on the page. St. Ferdinand is also the same as Florrisant, so I would like to know where they lived.

The 12 persons in Benoist's household are:

Male: 1 in 50's (Benoist is 46), 1 in 20's, 3 in 15-19 (Benoist is 19, Antoine is 17, Francois is 15), 1 in 10-14, (Joseph is 12) and 1 in 5-9 (Matthew is 8)

Female: 1 in 30's (Magdalena is 44), 2 in 5-9 (Adrienna is 10, Julianna is 6), 2 under 5 (Philomene is 3, Symphorosa is 1)

Catherine is 22 and having been married at age 15 in 1834, she would be living with her husband.


In January 1842, Benoist and Magdalena have a daughter, Marie (Mary) Marechal. In the 1900 census she is living with her brother Joseph, and her sister Adrienne, at the age of 58 and single, and I do not see any more immediate information thereafter.


In the 1850 Missouri, St Louis, Stringtown census, the family is living in Stringtown, St Louis, Missouri.  Benoist is 60, is a farmer, and was born in Missouri.  Madeline is 50. Benoist is 28 and is also a farmer. [Antoine is 26; but I believe this is an error as he is next door and it should list Francois as 21].  Andrewania is 20. Matthew is 18. Julia is 16, and Mary is 6 (making her born in 1844, not 42). Antoine (age 27) and his wife Mary are living next door, having been married in 1849. Joseph is 22 and is living nearby farming. Philomene is 13 years old and missing from this census. Where is she?


In the 1858 St Louis, St Louis, Ward 2, State census for St Louis, St Louis Ward 2, Benoist is 65 years old and born in Missouri. Madeline is 56 years old, Philomene is 20 years old, and Marie (Mary) is 16 years old.


In the 1860 Missouri, St Louis, Carondelet census for Carondelet, Benoist (Benedict) is 86 years old owning real estate worth 4,000 and personal property worth 50, born in Missouri, attended school, and can read and write.  Madeline is 68.  Philomene is 28 and married to Eugene Thise( (28) also living in the home. Mary is 18.


In the 1870 Missouri, Saint Louis, Carondelet census, Benoist (Berno!) is 81 years old (younger thant he 1860 census!) and retired, born in Missouri, and his parents are both of foreign birth, and he can read and write. It is marked that he is a male citizen of the United States.  Magdelene (68) is keeping house, Mary (28) is keeping house, and Joseph (42) is a laborer. Philomene and her family are living next door.


In the Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Illinois, Wednesday, July 20, 1870, Page 2, we learn that "Old Benoist Marechal, of Carondelet" was still living and worked as a chain bearer on a survey. The article references "From the St. Louis Times, July 17" and "constant litgation for twenty years" known as the "Dent suits" and that "General Grant interested in suit now in the United States Surpreme Court." The land involved the Commons in Carondalet. Here is the entire page to read the article.


Magdalena Roy died in December of 1870 in Portage Des Sioux, St Charles, Missouri.


In the 1880 census for St. Louis (Independent City), Missouri, Benoist is 91 years old and a widower living at 6710 Market Street with his daughter Mary who is 37 years old. Both of his parents are born in Canada. He can read and write and has been unemployed for 12 months while Mary is a housekeeper.

Benoist died on February 10, 1881, Missouri, St. Louis (Independent City), Saint Louis, 158, Census, at the age of 86 years. See Death Register. The City of St. Louis Missouri death records lists his death as Benoist Marshall on February 10, 1881, widowed, age 93 and 9 months, native to St. Louis, place of death 8th and Grundy, Ward 24, Disease: Senile Disability, white male, Physician L.S. Ruben, Cemetery: Mount Olive (Catholic Cemetery), Undertaker C. Hoffmeister. If he were 93 years old, he would have been born in 1778 which does not match is baptism.


March 29, April 2, and April 5, 1856 a "Marshal's Sale" was published for land that was foreclosed upon.  This land contained a legal description contained therein references the Common Fields of Carondelet and real estate which was bounded by the late "old Benoist Marechal". St. Louis Globe-Democrat St. Louis, Missouri 29 Mar 1856, Sat, Page 2


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