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Sisters Eleonore and Rosine: Mary Eleonore Boyer and Richard Marshall | Rosine Elizabeth Boyer and George W. Rutledge, Sr.

(Marshall: pardon papers and supreme court)

Their parents: Jean Baptiste Boyer & Maria Aurore St. Germain | Charles & Marie Madeleine Boyer | Nicolas III & Dorothee Boyer | Nicolas II & Louise Boyer | Nicolas I & Marguerite | Ettinne & Perinna Boyer |

Joseph St. Germain and Marie Josephine Josette Calvet (Parents of Maria Aurore St. Germain, wife of Jean Baptiste)

Joseph Antoine Calvet and Marie Elizabeth Marechal (Parents of Marie Calvet) | Nicolas Marechal and Marie Jean Illeret (Marie Elizabeth Marechal's parents; Marie Elizabeth Marechal and Antoine Marechal, below, are siblings)

Jean Baptiste Maurice dit Chatillon & Marie Jeanne Corset (parents of Marie Madeline, wife of Charles) |

Jean Baptiste Olivier & Marie Marthe Accica (parents of Dorothee, wife of Nicolas III) | ;

Pierre Payet dit Saint Amour & Louise Tessier (parents of Louise, wife of Nicolas II) |

Nicolas Maclin & Suzanne Larose (parents of Marguerite, wife of Nicolas I) |

Richard Marshall's parents: Benoist Marechal and Mayotte | Antoine Marechal and Mary Catherine Tabeau | Nicolas Marechal and Marie Jean Illeret

Nicolas Antoine Boyer III and Dorothee Olivier


Nicolas Antoine Boyer III was born on April 20, 1716 in Montreal, Canada, to Nicholas Antoine Boyer II and Louise Payet.


Dorothee Olivier was born in 1716 in Kaskaskia, Illinois, to Jean Baptiste Olivier and Marie Marthe Accicia.


It is not known when Nicolas traveled "west" and settled in Kaskaski, Illinois.

This is a photo of Kaskaskia Island today (June 2017) taken from the overlook at Fort Kaskaskia State Park. In front is the Mississippi River and to the right is the Kaskaskia River.

This is a photo of a painting at the Pierre Menard home just below Fort Kaskaskia (I did not get the name of the artist). This is what Kaskaskia may have looked during the time Nicolas and Dorothee lived here in the 1700's.

Nicolas (age 25) married Marie Rose Tessier on November 20, 1741. Her parents were Louis Tessier and Catherine 8abankic8e. Marie died on December 12, 1747, only 6 years later. Marie was the widow of Pierre St. Ange, the son of Robert Groston, Sieur de St. Ange, who recieved a commission of Captain in the militia in Illinois. .....more on this to come (61)..........


Nicolas (age 32) married Dorothee Olivier on May 14, 1748. Nicolas's wives were both, metis (one Indian parent) The marriage contract was signed two days before the wedding; Nicolas was accopanied by his cousins Charles Huet Delude, Claude Caron, Charles La Chapelle, and Charlotte La Chenay. Dorothee was accompanied by her parents, maternal sister Mme. Baron, and her two brothers Francois LaBossier and Joseph Oliver. Nicolas became guardian of Marie Rose's child Pierre St. Ange and received from guardian Louis Bore the sum of 540 livres on September 4, 1748, , which was due to Nicolas as co-heir of the St. Ange's estate.


On April 19, 1749, Nicolas and Dorothee were donated a house and lot on the Kaskaskia prairie with a barn, tools, and all their livestock from Dorothee's parents, Jean & Marie Marthe Olivier, with an understanding that they would care for Dorothee's parents for the remainder of their lives.


In 1749, a son, Louis Boyer, was born to Nicolas (age 32) and Dorothee, but there is no other record of him.


On July 10, 1750, Nicolas (age 34) and Dorothee have a son, Nicolas Boyer (most likely the IV).


In 1752, Nicolas (age 35) and Dorothee have a son, Pierre Boyer.


In 1753, Nicolas (age 36) and Dorothee have a son, Charles Boyer.


In E. Curran McCormick's Coleman Family History it states, "Nicolas Boyer was one of the engineers on the project" in the building of a new Fort De Chartres. The first Fort De Chartres was built in 1720 when Nicolas was only 4 years old. The second Fort De Chartres was built in 1753 when Nicolas was 37 years old. At this year, the fort was on the same side of the river as Kaskaskia and was about 23 miles in distance from where Nicolas was working and living.


In 1755, Nicolas (age 38) and Dorothee have a daughter, Marianne Boyer.


On December 2, 1959, Nicolas (age 43) and Dorothee have a son, Jacques Boyer.


On February 14, 1763, Nicolas (age 46) and Dorothee have a daughter, Maria Louise Boyer.


On August 23, 1766, Nicolas (age 50) and Dorothee have a daughter, Judith Louise Boyer.


In about 1768, Nicolas (age 51) and Dorothee have a son, Joseph Boyer.


In 1770, Nicolas was in the Ste. Genevieve census, listed as having one adult male Indian slave and two under 15 years of age. There were a total of 29 Indian slaves owned by 13 different citizens. This move from Kaskaskia to Ste. Geneview was over 100 years prior to the Mississippi River moving in April of 1881, or even the significant flooding that was experience in the Great Flood of 1844 (74 years prior). Nicolas and his family would have had to cross the river to move to Ste. Genevieve. (Note: find 1770 census in Ste. Genevieve)


Nicolas Antoine Boyer III died on March 9, 1784, in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, at the age of 68 years.

Dorothee (nee Olivier) Boyer died on April 9, 1784, exactly one month later, in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, at the age of 69 years.


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