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The Fun Extras - Set One

12.Link to Resource- Software Resources

Oh, we are "techy people" who love our software resources!  Have you tried any of these?  Share your great finds.


Here are your comments!

I'm addicted to UnZipThemAll... and I love my Mozy online backup system. DigiDeborah

Flippin' 'eck, Hummie, I need an entire weekend locked away with the PC to work through that lot! I may have to treat myself to a link visit a day!!!!! Mole

some great links to look at thanks Janen

forgot to say I use Picasa a lot and love it. Janen
I use the CCleaner. Works great! I still have Paint Shop Pro installed on my computer. I used it for about 10 or 11 years before making the switch to Photoshop which was just before becoming a member here at hummie's world. I like Picasa as a photo viewer One I did not see is Pando I share the large version of some of my layouts with friends if the layout was for them. They are too large to send via email. Pando works great for sending large files! Thanks for the links! Jaclin

Just discovered Rename Master over at JoeJoe's. Wow, that is an awesome program. Just renamed a bunch of my music files and they look wonderful now. It is a free program and very easy to use. Love it! Regarding Photoshop LightRoom. I've used trial versions and it is a wonerful program for manipulating how your pictures look. I really liked it and wish I could afford to own it!! One of these days! Worth a try. Jaclin

hi hummie i think i'm just going to have to quite for now-my compurter isn't getting fixed anytime soon -my son just doesn't have very much time to work on it-so all i have now is one that has no sound and any photo softwear crashes the darn thing- so thank you so much for all your help- i have learned a ton from you- cyn ( mcnana)

I love looking for software resources. Of the ones above I already use Preset Viewer (which I think of as a necessity, especially as I like to collect brushes, etc) and Gliftic, which I don't use quite as much, but still like. I use Evernote for my genealogy, and it's great, had not thought of it for digital scrapbooking, but I can see it's possibilities. The ones that I didn't know about, but look interesting are ArtRage, PanoxFX, and AMP Font Viewer. Janet MM

Interesting. Pity my computer is playing up and the little computer man has had the cheek to go on his holidays! lynnedbears

I'm using DH's PC for a few edays as AT&t shut off my internet card for over-use! I had unlimited use when I signed up but now they say it's limited unlimited!!!! I told them where to put there card--LOL! Anyway, I have to wait until Monday to have wireless installed from my cable company to get back on my MAC. I know you all love your PC's but I sure do miss my MAC!!! The only resource I can think to add is iphoto which comes on the MAC and does quite a bit of editing. If I can think of more, I'll be back. Belle 33

I use Picasa (still trying to re-tag everything after DH's exploits, LOL!) and ABRViewer for my brushes, although don't use that as much as I should. I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat with installing too much on my pooter in case it runs out of memory and starts going even slower than it already does!! I've just got Mozilla Firefox though, and have to say, it's much better for downloading things!! Great idea to have a list though - may explore some of those when I get the chance! Bernie x

I use CutePDF a lot for school work and several of the free actions from PanosFX, and I would be lost without ACDSee T5454

I used to use FileZilla all the time when I was uploading to a store. I use the preset viewer and AMP font viewer. I started my digital scrapbooking with FotoFusion! Haven't opened up that program in a long time. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that should be added to the list…

I use font viewer, and abr viewer. I have used inkscape Dawn Miner

Graffi's Add-O-Matic, i love this to load all my brushes and actions. Debbie46

I can't think of any others that I use that are not on the list. Cheers Eileen etw36

Let's see...
I have:PSE 7 & 8 installed (finally deleted 6 about 3 months ago), AMP font viewer, Ccleaner, file renamer basic, filezilla, picasa, scrapbook flaid (hardly use), unzipthemall, windows live photo gallery, windown live writer (for blog writing) I'm sure there are others I can tell you about... OH!! Tumasoft!! Dawn

Fabulous list and added contributions! The only ones that I can add are: ColorPic - If you want to pick any color on your screen, Remember the Milk - Great way to manage things you have to do and want to access it from different devices, Grant's Tools - Handy set of tools for PSE g_robb53

I use several, definitely CCleaner, that's a great one. I haven't tried most of these, guess I'll have to visit a link a day to see what I'm missing. I did download The Font thing but haven't done anything w/it...guess I need to re-read that tutorial! froggymamma

I am totally addicted to Graffi's Add-O-Matic and Unzip Them All. I will check out the resources listed by the group for the ones I did not know existed. ccynden

I have used CCleaner, and scrapbook flair. jesska

I have used abrViewer, and Picasa but just recently so I need to learn more about them. I love ACESee to organize my supplies and I use Mozy every week. I can't live without Evernote. I use it for everything not just scrapping, The Font Thing isn't listed but I use it for almost every layout I do. Jatwin

Goodness, I feel so "out of it!!" The only thing I've used is Picasa, but I am definitely wanting Mozy, ACDSee, Gimp and WhereIs It. NancyP

I've used many of the ones you have listed, and tried some others, I continue to use tubeEx , I've tried Gimp, I use to use Scrapbookflair. then I found I wanted to do more than Scrapbookflair would allow. So I went into Digital Scrapbook Artiest which has a free compact version at GIN dare2beme71

Wow! What a great resource page. I am so new still that I need time to figure out what it is that i need to try. Fun, thanks. April

Wow! What a list. I will have to check these out when I have extra time. Thanks! tlcmom

Oh My!! I love looking at this techy stuff. I am interested in CutePDF, Evernote and PhotoSaver. I have Extract Now, Elements 7 & 9, and Lightroom. I have tried Gimp and Picasa. Lots of great info...thanks, Hummie!! MalinB

Boy ! What a list I will have to check them out, not sure what to use ! Jules

Awesome resource. I have Picasa. I have heard of Gimp. I will check it out. I am having trouble downloading/installing grants tool. I am going to retire when I am not so . I have also heard about ACDsee. It is some list. Thanks a lot Hummie 204cg

I've had the Windows Live viewer for awhile, and it's okay but tagging is time consuming. I decided to try ACDSee after reading this and downloaded it. Oh, how I wish I had done it sooner. Tagging is quicker and more efficient. I've also downloaded the preset viewer, but can tell it will take me awhile to get the hang of it. Lulubelle

What a great list. I can put a tick next to ACDSee and abrviewer as I already use these but I am certainly going to take a look at some of the other programs on the list. a1bjm

Great list! I have or have used or explored about 75% of them--use some of them regularly. for PC's, i don't think i saw XnView ( It can see nearly 400 image types (not like Tumasoft Preset viewer that can see all things photoshop, but not PSP or PhotoImpact--both of which i have and use) but the two of them together i can see just about anything i need on the fly. Thanks for this list! lovinlifegurl

I use GIMP and I love it. Great features, it compares well to Photoshop and it's FREE! GinaMO

I absolutely love OneNote (Microsoft). I use it for everything. I have a "notebook" for genealogy, one for scrapping, one for recipes, you get the drift. You can download, link, type, use a stylus, just like you would on notebook paper. I understand that Evernote is similar. I keep OneNote open and docked at the side of my screen while I'm scrapping and then I can make notes of which kits I'm using so I don't have to go back and figure it out to give credit where due. Craftmamma

I have put AMP font viewer on my computer, but it will not work properly, freezes all the time. Also installed TFT but it wont let me use the temp install. I run windows 7, not much luck with these.. I love Extract Now, only found out about it here at Hummies, using it all the time.I am not keen on things like Picasa, I am a control freek and do not like anything that takes control away from me and handles things in its own way. This is the reason many years ago I stopped using a certain anit-virus program, (it may work differently these days, not tried it again and wont risk it.) There are a lot of links above to look at, working my way through to see what they all are. JodyT

From the list, I have used the following: ACDSee - tag my CU items in it
Adobe Downloads - can usually find something interesting to download there ArtRage - use it a lot CCleaner - Used it at work (personally don't like it) FileZilla - use this often Gimp - taught it until I could afford Photoshop for my students (school budget was extremely limiting) Irfanview - started out using this when it first came out back in 1996 Picasa - use it to store images online (along with other photo storage sites) Preset Viewer - had this for quite a while and use it some what Georgia

I used GIMP when I first began digi scrapping and really liked it until I got a taste of PSE. I have picasa and don't like it as it goes through everything everytime I connect my camera or any device. I love Windows Live Gallery. It makes sense to me and I am becoming more familiar with it. It's so easy to label things and find things. The face recognition is pretty cool. Kimm23

Use Picasa a lot. Also have iResize for Mac docked in my dock. Tammyshere

I use CC cleaner....but not much else. I do use filters like Mura's and Xero. Wingz

I also use CCleaner,, Evernote on my iPhone and mac, one note on my pc. I love checking out new links for software, so I'll enjoy going through the list. I also like Skype for webcam calls and Dropbox is a free software app I've been using a lot. Great when you have two pc's and you want to pass pictures and between the two computers and don't want to have to bother with a usb key fob.
Thanks for the list! NewEnglandMamma
Although not PSE specific, I did find a great software for comparing my local harddrive to externals BEYOND COMPARE ... Their 30 day free trial is not 30 calendar days, but 30 days of use (I've been on the trial version for about 4 months now!) and I find it really helpful keeping my digital collection up-to-date on two external drives (one for back up at home, one for traveling - vacation and retreats since I don't want to store my collection on my notebook computer!) I haven't used any of the software you mentioned in your post, but will spend some time taking a look at the links ... you never know when there might be a treasure! Also found a great rar extractor

I love 7zip. Also, I recently discovered some lovely Elements Actions at . There are also some very good tutorials there to explain the use of the actions. DeAnneK

I have used many of those on the list. After reading through comments, I'm very curious about ACDSee, I'll be checking it out. I use CCleaner, almost daily. I helped my daughter with her graphic design class & she used, Inkscape & Gimp. I didn't care for them, I prefer PSP, PS & PSE over them anyday. My children use Artrage & love it. I have used these sites for color schemes & wanted to share them.

That list is like a giant candy box to explore! I currently use Evernote to store all my digiscrap lessons and ideas; Picasa is a great resource, although it is not working properly on my new laptop, and am mostly just using my explorer file folders; I love extract now. I downloaded free part of ArtRage, but one program at a time is all I can learn to use. LOL. Nanscraps

I started using Evernote today, as a reminder of all the scrap things I have to do (Used taskboard until today, but evernote can be easily synchronized with the's the winner solution for me ^__^)
ACDSEE--> I use it to tag and use all my digital kits Lightroom--> I use it all the time. I admit I use only the preset ^__^ free preset downloaded just searching on google Artrage--> I use on Ipad for digi-painting. so fun (never used it for scrappin) Chiara

wow now that is a large list-it will take me a few times to come back and look at them all too confettirose

From the list, I haven't used most of them. I use onenote to organize my digiscrap kits and PSE11 and windows 7.... but will look into them... thank you for the list. scraphappee

I am used to use French ressources... sorry, I can't participate. AMarie

OptikVerve Virtual Photographer, Picasa, ABRViewer are a couple I've been using since doing the lessons. As you mention them in lessons, I research them & see which ones are still available & which ones I like Maggie

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