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The Fun Extras - Set One

18. Titles, Quotes, and Poems

I love using titles, quotes, and poems in my layouts.  They are a huge source of inspiration!  Here is a list of resources where you can find inspiration for your layouts.


Here are your comments!

oooh this is great! I tend to use the same sites as and when I want a quote, so it will be lovely to have some new ones to choose from! Thank you! Bernie x

Neato! Thank you very much. Jaclin

Wow, what a lot of sources! I think it's going to take me a while to investigate them all. I recently had trouble finding a quote from the couple of sources I had, so these should be really helpful. JanetMM

Thanks Hummie, an amazing number of resources. Love the poetry of Thena Smith. Cheers Eileen etw36

Excellent resources and it really helps when one cannot think of something to enhance a layout. Thanks Hummie ccynden

Thanks Hummie... great tip! DigiDeborah

Thanks, Hummie. I have gone through a few of these looking for quotes or proverbs for my canvas creations. This is a wonderful resource for us! Belle33

Thanks Hummie Lynnedbears

oh thanks hummie I added this to my favorites list !!! Dawn Miner

Thanks for the links, Hummie! I have used some of them before and when I'm stumped for a title, I come here to browse. PammyJ

Great resources - thank you, Hummie! g_robb53

these links will be very useful, thanks Hummie Janen

excellent, thanks hummie. Debbie46

These are great resources! Thanks Hummie Jesska

Some great suggestuions here. I sometimes cheat (well, it's not really cheating!) and just type in the subject I'm seeking quotes for into Google and see what it throws up. I generally use quotes mostly when I'm doing on line challenges, but occasionally use them in my 'ordinary' scrapping. Mole

I love using quotes in my layouts. It is so helpful when I don't know what to do for a title, or if I don't feel so inclined to journal... I know- rarely do I have nothing to say for journaling, lol... but you know what I mean! Dawn

Oh WOW!!! Thanks, Hummie!! I so needed this!!! I LOVE to take a short quote and make a Word Art out of it, but never really had a resource as to where to find lots of quotes!! This is GREAT!!!!! Going into "My Favorites" !! NancyP

thanks for all the resourses. Debbie46

Thank you for all the resources in this quick tip. I really need inspiration with titles and quotes. Jatwin

This list is FANTASTIC! I tend to use the same 2 or 3 sites all the time, this will be very helpful froggymamma

What a great list! I always refer back to ones you have given while working a layouts. I too can put this in my favorites list! Thanks T5454

Thanks for the links! tlcmom

This was so helpful to me. I haven't used quotes yet in my LO's, This now gives me some resources to search and play with snow. April

Thank this will sure help, I have a problem thinking of what to put on my pages ! Jules

I bought two books of poems and quotes for children, but I have to admit that I don't take time to go through them very often. Will have to start taking them with me on the road, and browse through them. Lulubelle

Great resources. Thanks 204cg

I love quotes and sayings so this list will keep me busy all day lol Many thanks a1bjm

Wonderful resource! I checked out many and bookmarked several. I have not been a fan of the quotes of others, considering myself a legend in my own mind, but i have enjoyed looking at these and will use them more. Thanks for the resources! lovinlifegurl

great list! I'm going to add this page to my favorites so I can find them again. craftmomma

Fantastic list! Thanks so much! scrapolina

I dont use quotes much, I guess I should use them more. I have bookmarked some of these for future. I am never really sure when quotes are appropriate for a layout. I sometimes wonder what to scrap for quote challenges, what sort of layout I mean. JodyT

Thanks so much for all the links! I usually end up googling for something and then spend several minutes if not several hours filtering through quotes that I am completely uninterested in. JustaMommie

Thanks for this great resource. I went to 'The Perfect Title' and found the perfect quote for me. Pink is my favorite color and here is the quote...
Pink Cause Pink, It's My Favorite Crayon ~ Areosmith Song "Pink" Pretty In Pink Georgia

Wonderful list; it's now on my favorites bar I love to write poetry but never thought of using it. I'm gonna hafta do that Kimm23

Thanks, Hummie. It's nice to have them all in one place like this! Tammyshere

I love resource links! thanks so much! NewEnglandMamma

Thank you Hummie for the great resources. I also learned recently that I could Google search: quotes (insert topic). Found some good stuff that way too. DeeAnneK

ohhhhh I'll be bookmarking these! Thanks Hummie!! Willogem

Thank you for this list. I am always wanting a quote for my pages. There are so many out there and the hard part is finding the right one. I have mostly just used Quote Garden. I am so glad to have such a varied list of sources. No more reliance on Google! I put this list in Evernote. I will put the links in my favorites on my laptop, too!!! Nanscraps

the quote challenge by Lee is a good resource for quotes ^__^ I usually just google what I need, didn't know there were SO much sites to check ^__^ thanks, as always..learned something useful! Chiara

I love to use the quotes and def... on my layouts, it brings it to life....thanks for all the resources. Scraphappee

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