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The Fun Extras - Set One

4. Wacom Tablet

Today we are going to talk about a fun add-on to your peripheral hardware to your computer setup.  It would make a great gift suggestion to your loved ones!

Let's discuss a Wacom tablet!  If you have never heard of it before, it may look like a funny word to you.  Wacom is a brand name.  A "tablet" is a little board that is hooked to your computer through a USB  port with a special pen.  When you write with the pen on the board, it is like you are writing directly onto your screen.  There is actually a special setting in Photoshop Elements just for Wacam tablets.

Today we are going to talk about a fun add-on to your peripheral hardware to your computer setup. It would make a great gift suggestion to your loved ones!

Let's discuss a Wacom tablet! If you have never heard of it before, it may look like a funny word to you. Wacom is a brand name. A "tablet" is a little board that is hooked to your computer through a USB port with a special pen. When you write with the pen on the board, it is like you are writing directly onto your screen. 

There is actually a special setting in Photoshop Elements just for wacam tablets, although the tables will work with many other programs. 

What makes using a tablet more versatile than just a mouse and the brush tool is that it will actually recognize how much pressure you put on your pen, just as if you were utilizing pressure while stroking with a real art brush.

Tablets are great for making those perfect extractions, tracing, or just making carefree brushwork. Think about journaling in your own handwriting right in your layouts.

Many people use a tablet instead of a mouse. Those that make themselves put away their mouse and use the tablet solely until they get used to it eventually say they love using it as a mouse and would never go back.

There are various sizes of tablets: small, medium, and large. The small tablet, of course, is the most affordable. The "BambooCraft" is a popular choice for those just dabbling in fun new techniques for digital scrapbooking.

Please share your knowledge and experience with a tablet if you own one. Do ask questions if you have never owned one.


Here are your comments!


I have one but I played only a very little with it. I'm seeing another item to add to my Summer "To Do" list!! ;)DigiDeborah

Would love to hear of other that have this and which one they are using and what they love more about it than their mouse. I just spent some time looking at the different types of Wacom tablets and am not sure which would be the best to have for photoshop use. Looks very interesting. Looking forward to hearing what others have to say about these. Jaclin

Don't have one at the moment, maybe on the wish list! T5454

I don't have one. I've read about them, but haven't been sure whether I'd get enough use from one to be worth the expense. I'd love to hear what others here have to say. JanetMM

I don't have one - I wouldn't complain if someone gave me one, of course! But it isn't something I hanker after - there are too many other things on my stash wish list that come first LOL! Mole

I don't have a bamboo, but I have a tabletpc laptop, and occasionally I will use it to journal. Dawn

I don't have one yet, but its definitely on my wish list! Jesska

I don't have one but might be tempted Janen

Has been on my wishlist for over a year...maybe this Christmas it will finally head my way!! Thanks for the tip froggymamma

I do have a pen tablet and have used it slightly. Must admit to having it about two years now. It is OK and ideal for intricate situations but i find the mouse just so much quicker. Would like to be able to do more writing with it though but I think that will take a lot of practice and I am a bit impatient. lynnedbears

Well I did break down and got one last month the bambo craft (not the touch one) but have not really played with it yet some thing else I want to learn. I need more time!!!! to play Dawn Miner

I have a tablet but haven't had time to get really used to it. jatwin

any chance it might make my handwritten or my drawing ability any better? mcnana

I don't know if I will ever get one as I am not that adventuresome. Maybe one day. ccynden

I have the tablet on my wishlist! g_robb53

Ohhhh, Hummie, you KNOW how technically dense I am!!! Could I handle learning this??? What scares me is how many folks I read about that buy them then never use them, or hardly use them or just don't seem to really get into it even though they own one. Would I end up the same way?
I will definitely do some googling to read and learn all I can about this item, and maybe drop a few hints to my children!!! :o) NancyP

When I got my MAC laptop and needed PSE6 for a MAC, there was a deal that for $10.00 more, I got both PSE6 and a Wacom Bamboo tablet. It came with the pen and a wireless mouse which I thought I'd use all the time since the laptop doesn't have a mouse. However, I've only used it a tiny bit when extracting and once for one of Hummie's lessons on brushes. I've watched the video lessons a few times but just never played with it enough. Belle33

I have to join the majority who actually have a tablet. lol I bought mine thinking I could make some doodles and stuff with it, but never really gave myself a chance to learn it. It always seems like I'm in too much of a hurry to step back and actually learn something totally new. I thought about hooking it up to my dd's computer because she loves to draw (using Paint of all things - I've tried to get her to use photoshop, but she has no desire to learn), but never did because she's not exactly careful with her "toys". I'm using my laptop almost exclusively now, so I need to hook my tablet up and just start using it. I've never tried an extraction with it and my handwriting is atrocious, but maybe I could try extra hard for it to be legible. lol Thanks for the nudge, Hummie! PammyJ

i have a bamboo. its still in the box cuz its to scarey for me to use. Lol deb46

better late than never!
I've not looked at these before in case I really really wanted one, LOL, as I LOVE the idea of journalling in my own handwriting on my pages! I think now I may have to look, LOL, but it's not likely I'll purchase one...still got my new EHD to get out of its box yet *gasp* LOL!!!!
thanks for the info and for alerting me to something ELSE I may *need*, LOL!! Bernie x

Another thing on my 'I want' list. I did have a cheap one a couple of years ago, and found it quite useful, but never got used to the idea of using it instead of a mouse. Mind you, I wasn't into digi scrapping then, maybe I would find it more useful now I know a little bit about what I am doing. What do you think, and which one would you suggest?And Bernie, get that EHD out and start using it NOW! LOL! sujay

I have a small Wacom but haven't used it for a long time. Probably too old to be used with my current computer. Will try it some time to see if will still works.Cheers Eileen etw36

Oooooo! Interesting. Would love to try it sometime. scrapnfool

I have one and i use it, but not as often as I would like to. I do a lot of my scrapping on my lap top in a recliner so it's hard to use the tablet. But, thanks so much for the resource website learn more about using it.kkangels

I have a tablet- it has become more an expensive mouse pad, than a tablet (you can tell I still use it with a mouse) although I make the effort to use the pen at least once a day. As I don't design, I find I don't use it often and my handwriting is so atrocious... I prefer developed fonts that are legible. mountainmaid

I have one, I uninstalled it, because I couldn't get it to work on the software I use, I could look it up if I would take the time as I've seen videos using one in my software, but I just stuck it back in the box, bad huh.. I'll deal with it later.. dare2bme71

I have never heard of this before. I still feel so green here. I need to get a grasp on using PSE first before I can justify getting another toy. Maybe by next year I can think about it. But I loved learning about new things out there to make this incurable past-time more fun! April

I have one, as well. I got the Bamboo Craft for Christmas last year. I love the idea of it. I have only played with it a couple of times. Now, this lesson has inspired me to get to know it better this winter! Thanks for the nudge!! MalinB

Wow, it sounds like a lot of people have them (me included) but not of us have taken the time to learn how to use them. I am going to check out the links Hummie posted and put mine to use! tlcmom

Sounds like fun. dianelmann

I think I'll have to go and check eBay for this! We are now using Mobis at school, which sound very similar. I would love to be able to use my own handwriting, and for the extra help on extractions! lulubelle

I have a Tablet, I find it is great for doing some some things, the mouse is just to bulky. Jules

I don't have one. Never really thought about getting one. I just got a touch screen PC for Christmas and want to get an ipad. I must read a little more about it. I am sure my hubbie would take my viewing privleges on hummies world away if I ask for one more toy. 204cg

I think I have enought to learn already.. ndalton

I bought a wacom tablet just after christmas but havent really done anything much yet, but do plan to hopefully get started and eventually be able to use to its full potential. Its seems a bit tricky to use at first, I am guessing that the more it is used the easier it will become. It kind of reminds the first time I used a mouse that felt really weird at first too, with the pointer wizzing all over the page like some sort of overactive insect lol, but now I cant do without one. Chrissy

My Bamboo: I took your advice and put the mouse away. My hand continues to reach for the mouse, but not as much. Thanks for the tip. 204cg

I have a Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch and I Love it! It really is worth it. For those who are afraid to use it, I basically hung up my mouse and gave it the only thing to use, and that not only killed my fear of it within a few days, but it also made me realize just how ergonomically annoying a mouse really is. The tablet is much easier to use on my hands and wrist, and it's much faster for navigating because it can jump around the screen so easily. I love it, and not just for scrapping. I actually don't use it as much for "just" scrapping as I do as a mouse replacement. I need to learn more about doodling with it, cuz I just don't do enough of that. No confidence in it yet. mawkinbird

Unfortunately, because of a dexterity problem, I will never be able to use one of these. Normally I am right handed but now type one-fingered and use the mouse with my left hand. There is no way I would be able to retrain my brain to write with my left hand, its far too old lol. Would put it on my wish list if it was possible. a1bjm

Now my curiosity is up. I'll stop by the store this afternoon and investigate. Never knew there was such an animal!! Thanks ladies! plumbgone

I own a tablet, but not a wacom. When i was thinking i wanted one, the size i thought i needed was just too expensive, so i bought a genius. I don't have any problems with it; i've done some doodling with it, and i can get the pen where it needs to be, but i have not had the time to get to know it properly. ok, i have one problem: I am not an artist! okay two: i'm old and have shaky hands so i can't use it for extractions either! Okay three (boy this is getting to be a lonnnnng list!); I cannot work with it solely--i would get fired! ok, i guess #3 sorta scared the rest of whatever i was gonna add--lucky y'all! lovinlifegurl

My daughter has one of these. She likes to draw and my sister-in-law gave her one for christmas a few years ago. I'll have to get her to teach me how to use it. (I can't get her to use photoshop either--she likes the corel draw) craftmomma

I am going to look at the links further on this page, I have one, bought it a couple of years ago. Hated it so much I put it in the draw and it has never come out again. I thought I would have more control than with the mouse, man I cant do anything with it.. I cant use it.. too jerky .. not fluid. it is only practice. Maybe I should try again... one day. jodyt

WOOO HOOOO, I just bought one!!! Thanks for the link to Penscrappers, Hummie! Will check it out! NancyP

I have been chatting with Dh about these. He's wanted one for years, and just recently I began suffering from carpel tunnel. So, DH is going to get me one. I'm not sure when, probably for christmas. He wants to get me a medium on though, and I think that would be too much for me. I don't ever plan on designing and I'm worried about the cost. I think the one he is looking in to is the fun tablet. I don't know how much I will like it as I like to sit in my recliner when scrapping and I'd have to get some time of small table to put it or my laptop on. Justamommie

I've had one now for a couple of months so I'm still learning about it. I do try to use it, but I'm so used to using a mouse that I keep reaching for it. Just a matter of retraining an old brain, I guess. Thanks for the link to Penscrappers. Maybe if I can check out more tutorials, I'll get used to using it more. JLDream

My son got me one a few years ago (the newer ones are much nicer). I never got into it and he took it to use so it's not around here now. Not sure if he ever learned how to use it. I thought it would be great to use to put my own handwriting in LO's. I'm not an artist at all! Thanks for those great sites! If I ever get mine back or buy a new model I will surely visit them! rejoyce

I do not have one but they are intriguing. I am not sure if I need it. I have heard it is more necessary for designing. I am taking the design class but not sure where that will lead as I never had an intention of selling, more just for myself. Mostly I would love to try one for fun. I think extractions would be the main reason I would use one. kimm23

I have had my Wacom Bamboo Craft for a little of 2 years. I love it. It sits right beside my keyboard on my desk. I use the tablet instead of a mouse. I've even learned to type with the pen in my hand!! At my last job, I used some of my classroom budget to purchase a Touch and Pen tablet. My students love learning about the tablet and I was happy I didn't have to use the mouse! I'm ready to upgrade and have my eye on the Wacom Intuos4 (medium tablet). Wacom has a channel on YouTube with videos on their products and some fun educational videos that you might find interesting. Click here to check it out. Geore

Thanks for these sites, Georgia. I've had my Wacom since 2008 as it came with my PSE6 but I've only used it once or twice. Whenever I go to write something I get a yellow lined paper on the screen too so I don't use it. Maybe the tutorials you've mentioned will help me. Belle33

I have another site that might help you too, Belle33. When I first got my Bamboo I found these videos on You Tube. The guy who does the videos is just a person who discovered graphics tablets and LOVES them. He just shares his passion for using the tablet. As I watched more of his videos (currently he has 69 videos), I became curious and visited his Web site. He has tons of information about using the tablets along with PS and PSE. I even used him as a subject for a workshop for a Web Design class I was teaching. I shared with my students how one man made a video and that video had over 33,000 views on You Tube. I suggested that even if 50% of those people that watched the video, got curious (like I did) and visited his Web site and he just happened to be offering a simple item for $1.00 that people just thought they had to have...he could make $15,000 just like that. My students had a brainstorming session after the workshop. Their assignment was to come up with a Web site, think of a video that would catch You Tube viewers and make them want to come to the site, and come up with their $1.00 item. My students came up with some pretty great ideas! Georgia

I would love a wacom tablet or one like it. I am not sure though how patient I am at learning a new thing. Most people who have one never seem to use it. I don't want to spend the money , find out I can't learn it and then have it just collect dust. I will check out the sites you have listed hummie. Will post again. Wingz

I don't have one. I'm not sure I'd spend the money (if I had it) on one. I'm not a great artist and my doodles wouldn't be scrapworthy (for me anyway). It's a really neat idea, though!! Tammyshere

Okay shocker - I actually own a Wacom and know how to use it but didn't know I could with PSE. Back in my MMORPG days, I use to work with PSP and creating signatures for message board forums for fun. Not sure how quickly they are outdated but I will have to try mine out as well as check out recent products. I love the idea of journaling in my own handwriting. Thanks! NewEnglandMomma

Love mine, love, love, love mine! I've about worn out the top and I'm looking for a larger one. JanetB

I won a Bamboo tablet last year for iNSD in May - I attended a photography seminar in Austin in November with a class from Wacom, but I was so "out-classed" it didn't help me much. I have not really used it yet Poki04

I have an older Wacom Intuos that I am still working to learn. In looking for additional resources this week I found this site: Using some of the info I found this I practiced doodling this week and then painted my doodles. Not worth showing off but fun. I think I am going to practice handwriting some more. This week I just practiced writing my name. Boy, am I really going to need to practice, although I did get better at it. Thanks for this lesson. It inspired me to start working with my tablet again. DeeAnneK

Dear santa, please bring me a wacom for Christmas I've been wanting one for awhile now. I love doodling!! Thanks Hummie Willogem

I have one but use it for only a few things. Haven't learned how to use it. Jules

I have the Intous 4 and can't imagine scrapping or designing without it! Jen Martakis

I do not have one and have not really desired one. I am not a doodler and freeze up when asked to draw anything, even a straight line. Although using one for extractions sounds wonderful. I enjoyed learning more about what a tablet is Nanscraps

I have an ipad, and it doesn't work as the tablet you wrote about (the pressure,etc). But I use it to draw sometimes ^__^ I *should* have also a tablet to connect to my pc somewhere..never used it (it's not mine, it's my sister's ) Chiara Castelluccia -

I have a Wacom tablet, and have practiced with it somewhat, but eventually I put it aside. One of my personal goals for 2013 is to get it back out and see how I can use it better in my own personal designs - especially for the rustic, homemade look and feel of elements or wording. Cabin Fever

I dont have a bamboo. but it is on my "wishlist"... looks very fun to use and makes it easier to create great scrapbooking pages. scraphappee

another great thing to learn how to -I do have a tablet and have never used it yet-it is a bamboo-will have to get it out and start learing things on it soon confettirose

Lori Imel - LAImel Designs said...I have an Intuos 2 (6x8) that I picked up on ebay.... I especially love it for extractions, erasing is a great tool with it....

Recently I bought a large desk and it is higher than my other desk. My laptop is on top of a cooler - so it sits as an angle. SO I added slide out shelf under my desk, so that I would be ergonomic. I had been using my laptop touchpad before as well - for everything. I have to say, I really love using my wacom tablet!!! I use it all the time now - even to play games.... LOL I do not use the wacom mouse, just the pen. It is so much easier to use.

I have a Bamboo that I use every time I use PS/PSE, which is not nearly as often I as I wish I could. I find it essential for intricate things like extractions. I do not use it to write or doodle. Surprisingly, I use it the most for work where I have moved to an (almost) paperless office. I scan all my pleadings/motions/evidence into OneNote and highlight and make notes all over them. Could not live without it!

Kellie Linn said...I have a tablet that my husband got me for Christmas. I find that I prefer my mouse but do use it for detailed extractions, tracing, writing and such. For me it is cumbersome to set the pen down, type, pick it up, set it down,.... My mouse is just so accessible that I seem to grab for it first.

Oma Ali said...My son gave me the loan of one to try out - I did not really like it, maybe I should have given it more time.

Maggie Adair said...I don't have one - yet. Would love one as I have thought of how to capture my handwriting as well as my grandchildren's childish handwriting. On the wish list for sure

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