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The Fun Extras - Set One

8. Link to Resource - References (using definition in layouts)

Today we begin to explore the many link resources at My Corner Online.  To make the most of this lesson as a class experience, please do take time to upload layouts to the gallery and link them in the comments section.  Of course, you are free to find inspiration in other galleries too and link us up also.  The more we find and share, the more each of us will be inspired.  The more you put into this lesson, the more everyone will get out of it.


Here are your comments!

I have used definitions occasionally in paper layouts. I think they are often a really good idea but find that I often think of this idea too late!
Will try and use them more in the future though Hummie. lynnedbears

I think I have only used them when requested in a challenge, but I really should use them more. They add so much to a layout! I LOVE this one that I found in the gallery!! I even learned something from the definition----NEVER eat this fish!!!!! NancyP

I have only used them as part of a class but would like to use them more as they can really add to a layout. Thanks for the links Janen

I haven't really used definitions in my layouts, but love them when I see them in other layouts. g_robb53

I just did one in May in the gallery, although the definition was very brief, but I gave the definition for the name Hibiscus. It was for the creating a color swatch from a photo lesson #61 in Course 2. On a side note, I will definitely try to do this more often in my layouts. ccynden

These are fun when I do pages related to my daughter and texting: Text Abbreviations.
Digi Deborah

oh blimey, this makes me squirm a bit LOL It's something that was VERY popular in paper scrapping back soon after I started with that c7 yrs ago!! I bought sheets and sheets of the things, ('Making Memories' ones of course!!) and I really did try to use them on pages, honest! but when I sorted through my paper stash earlier this year and got rid of a shedload of stuff ready for moving, there they all were still, LOL Even my DDs didn't want them for their paper stash collections!!! So i don't think I've ever used a definition on a digi page - unless it's more like auddymay's above, and more like a quote than a definition! I'm thinking more about the ones I used to have that were definitions of 'love', 'happiness'...kinda twee stuff... SORRY!!!! That prob wasn't what you wanted to hear!! If I do see any good ones though I'll link you up!!! Bernie x

I have used proverbs and sayings in LO's but not definitions. I'm kind of stuck on the 3rd set of Themed Thursday challenges and might have to find some unknown definitions of the words just to be able to get them done! I love Rhonda's and Auddymay's LO's above. If I find any I'll be sure to upload them. Belle33

I love pages with definitions but tend to forget to use them! Great reminder, Hummie and it does go well w/Themed Thursday LO's. froggymamma

Just for previous challenges, but I would like to use them more--they give a nice touch. T5454

I think Definitions would be great to use but I never think of them (My mind goes blank a lot) Dawn Miner

I've used quite a few quotations, but never a definition. It's a great idea, though, and looking back, it could have helped me on a few layouts. A great place for quotations, and some funny definitions is JanetMM

I have not used definitions yet in my layouts, but now I am inspired to! Dawn

I have used definitions in my layouts, but it's not something that pops into my head when I'm stuck on journaling. I've even searched the web, trying to figure out how to get those little symbols so I can include them - like a definition from the dictionary. I've seen them in layouts that way, but haven't figured it out. I also have a folder on my computer with some definitions to use in layouts. pammyj

And I should have checked out your links before posting! The encarta link lets you copy and paste the result! Thank you, thank you! pammyj

I haven't used definitions in my layouts yet...but I'm sure I will eventually! jesska

Thanks for the links. I'm not really into adding definitions to layouts, but I may try one sometime. Tried to find a layout to share that would be appropriate, but got frustrated after looking at about 50 pages of layouts. Jaclin

I do use quotes from time to time - these might also be described as definitions, depending on the actual content. Like many others on here, I am more likely to use quotes as part of an on-line challenge. Sometimes, a LO or pic does just shout out 'quote', though, doesn't it?! Must see if I have any photos in my gallery .... Mole

i havent used definitions in my digi layouts but i always think they look great and i wish i would have thought of that when i see them on other peoples layouts. debbie46

Have not used definitions but occasionally used poetry for a layout.
Cheers Eileen etw36

I haven't used definitions in a layout yet but I like the layouts I've seen using them. I'm going to try them soon. jatwin

Thought I had a layout already with a definition, but apparently I don't......YET! Today it will be done! scrapnfool

I have not used definitions in my los as of yet. As soon as I come across one that I really like I'll do it. Thanks for the resourses you provide Hummie! I love your website and am glad my computer is working again! kkangels

I have not used definitions in my los as of yet. As soon as I come across one that I really like I'll do it. Thanks for the resourses you provide Hummie! I love your website and am glad my computer is working again! kkangels

Haven't used any definitions but love the idea. Thanks!
dianelmann -
Since I still feel so green around the edges when it comes to scrap booking, this was a new idea for me. I struggle with journal writing so I think this would be a great idea to try. I wouldn't have to come up with something to journal about, just add the definition. Way cool idea. Will try it soon. April

I just did this on my horse layout, but it was more of a quote than an actual definition. tlcmom

I think i've done a page with definitions, but I think it was a traditional page, Hmmm looks like i need to find a definition and make a page LOL
GIN dare2bme71

Here is my take on this lesson. This is the first time I used a definition in a layout. Malin

I think I have used definitions as part of a description or scientific information on an animal/plant in layouts - but never used 'ordinary' definitions. Will give it a try. Wildcat

Here’s my layout 204cg

I've never scrapped with a definition. I usually have other reasons for scrapping the pictures, and do good to keep up with my normal scrapping. However, after checking out some of the links, I may just have to do a lo and try it! lulubelle

I never thought of using definitions in my layouts. I have a problem writing journals, so this might work better . Jules
I have used a dctionary definition only once in a paper lo although they were very fashionable at one time. When I started digi scrapping I used the same photo so must have decided it was a good idea to use the same definition. I don't think I was keen on the idea then and not sure I would ever do it again but thanks for the reminder, who knows it might be just the right thing to add to a lo in the future. I do however like quotes and sayings and will add 'word art' if appropriate. Here is that lo a1bjm

Hehehe... I never think to do that! And I always think they look really cool, especially when used to comic effect in a layout. I'll have to keep that in mind. Thanks for the links! I'm a big fan of UrbanDictionary already. mawkinberd

I've never used definitions either, but I do like the look of them. I'm going to have to put my mind to work and see if I can do one! Off to look through photos.... Craftmomma

I have only done this for a few challenges, here is one of them that I did back in 2009. jodyt

I've been looking through my pages. So far I don't see where I have ever used definitions. But I definitely think that they are something to consider. They can really add a lot to a LO. JustAMommie

I did a couple of times in my paper LO's but haven't done so since I switched to digital. This is something that I will have to remember to try. Thanks. Judy H jldream

I took an old layout that I did for a challenge last year and updated it to include a new photo and a definition. This was a great lesson and I hope to utilize definitions in other layouts I have planned. Georgia

Here is one, actually the only one, I have done with a definition. I would love to add them more often. I love the look of dictionary definitions and my the dictionary is one of my favorite books and my favorite game requires only a dictionary, paper and pencils. In this layout, the definition was included as word art but is certainly easily added for any word. In fact, definitions would make fun Kimm23

I used definitions in the ABC challenges. I think they add to the LO and who knows...someone in the future may learn something from these lo's lol. Wingz

I found one I made. Didn't save the credits, though. tammyshere

What a neat idea to add to a layout. I wouldn't have thought of that. This is another reason why I love this site, so much inspiration. Thanks Hummie!! NewEnglandMomma

I love using quotes, but have not done a definition on a page ... but I was doing some "spring cleaning" in my paper studio today and ran across a mixed media project that has a definition on it so I scanned it ... just might have to try to duplicate this look in digital work… poki04

Hi Hummie, I have never used definitions in a layout. I might have to give it a try. DeeAnneK

I have use quotes in alot of Tag work I've done & poems but never thought of using definitions. I'll be giving it a try. Thanks for the links, Hummie. Willogem

I especially love the Sniglets. I like to use quotations on my layouts, but it is time consuming to find them. I often partially remember one and look it up. Nanscraps

Hummie, I will totally add wikipedia to your lista, that is my first reference (every time). I used a sort of definition only here: Chiara Castelluccia

I have not used definitions in a layout before, but now that I think of it I can see how it would make for a very interesting layout. I'll have to give it a go. I like some of the above comment examples. Cabin Fever

I do use text messaging (lol,IKR,IDK etc...) but never thought to use Dictionary definitions...what a great idea to add to our pages, looking forward to using them. scraphappee

no I have never used a definition yet -but that is a good thought -maybe next time I need some idea i will use this -thanks for the hint confettirose

I haven't actually used definitions but I like them. Every now and then a kit will have definitions as elements but they just haven't fit the layout I've been working on. I think it would be fun to try making a definition into a word cloud, might have to try that soon! Kellie Linn

I have not used definitions in my layouts, but it is a great idea. Will try and remember. Oma Ali

I use sometimes definitions in my layouts but always in French language. So I think my references are not so useful for you... :) AMarie

I like the idea of using definitions in a layout. I think I might have only used it once and it was one that was in a kit. I will make more effort in using them I think Maggie

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