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The Fun Extras - Set One

17. Today I am going to give you two links because the first one does not work on a Mac or with XP, so it may not apply to everyone.

17a. Chat Time Zone Converter (link to comment)

So, you do not live in EST and unsure how to determine what time to show up at a chat. You can use an online converter. However, this is TOTALLY cool! For all those digital scrapbookers who have ever come in on the end of a chat or arrived an hour early, this is for you! Now you do not have to think. Wow. I like it when I don't have to think. Give my brain a rest and enjoy the chat! This is a feature on Windows Vista and Windows 7 & 8, but not XP. Bummer.

Have I got you curious? Just watch the video.

17b. Visible Mask (link to comment)

This quick tip is one for those that work with masks often and I am betting that once you learn this one, you will use it all the time! I loved this one when I discovered it! How about you?


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