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The Fun Extras - Set Six

104. Struggles

What is the one thing you struggle most with on layouts?

If you read someone else's struggle and can help them, please do leave them a comment.


Here are your comments!

Lately, it's just getting started. I seem to get into slumps where I don't feel creative (does that mean I am a moody artist type) and just stare at my photos or don't like anything I come up with. Today I did start a layout, didn't like it, but kept going instead and ended up liking it a lot. Sigh! What to do with myself! Kimm23

I struggle to do things that are different. I find putting the same types of things on my layouts. That's one of the reasons I chose to do the Elements Challenge. JanetMM

I seem to struggle finding the right picture, I think of what to do but am trying to get the things together takes quite awhile. Jules

I struggle also trying to find just the perfect picture for my template challenges. It takes me a while but it always seems to turn out right, if for no one else, it is for me and then I wonder why do I struggle when I am finally happy with the results. ccynden

I struggle deciding which pictures to use/not use. I always feel I have to use all of them since my DDIL sends me so many! That's why I usually have a lot of pix per page. It's also a struggle sometimes to fit them all on one page!!!! Belle33

Deciding where to put journaling on my LOs. Sounds silly but I worry about things like 'Do I have to make special box for it or can I write it directly on the background. And where to put the date so I can remember when it happened. I love browsing the gallery to get ideas. NewEnglandMomma

JOURNALING!!!! This has always been my biggest struggle. What to write--how to fit it on the page--etc etc etc. I try to get away with as little journaling as possible. When I paper scrapped, I always put the story on the back of the page (who, what, when, were, why) before it went into the album, but can't do that with digi. NancyP

My nemesis is what elements to use. It takes me a long time to decide what to use especially as I'm a 'less is more' person and I do think I tend to use the same ones over again a1bjm

mostly i struggle with finding the time. There is so much to be done, so many challenges, work, homelife, and most of my LOs take at least 3-4 hours to make, some that many days. Yesterday, i discovered a new tool from onOne software, and it took no time to just pull a photo from the stash, do a little work on it with the new tool, then bring it up into Photoshop. But then, I wanted to do something with it, but could not figure out exactly WHAT to do with it. Finally decided WHAT to do with it, found what i needed to do what i wanted, but now, just like with everyone, there are choices to make about what elements and papers to use. I'm not stuck, but then there are Fun Extras, and i've finished my Design homework from last month, but don't have it together enough to get credit for it and just got a new camera so trying to learn it, and have to get all my workshops on the calendar at work, and do recommendation letters for seniors, and, and, and, and.... and i just tried to do photomerge in CS5 and thankfully i remembered to save before trying that because THAT LO was active and it disappeared (but it came back!). So if anything, my nemisis is not saving often enough--i sometimes get caught up in complexity that my software and my hardware can't handle, and i crash and burn, unsaved. lovinlifegurl

I struggle with composition and color scheme. 204cg

I struggle with finding something creative to do. Often, I'll go to the course 2 lessons and use one of those techniques, but I'm not very artsy on my own, so I guess that's my struggle. I'm boring!! Dawn

Finding the time, not journaling enough, and wanting things to be "perfect" and getting frustrated when I don't think they are. Tammyshere

I struggle with getting in the right frame of mind to even get started scrapping. Maybe it's the weather, or because the kids are out of school or because we are busy. But even when I find time to sit and scrap, I end up just staring at my screen. I'm frozen and can't move. I've just learned that all I can do is just walk away for a while. I don't want this to start to feel like something I have to do, and therefore come to hate it. Luckily, today is one of those days that I DON'T have that problem! LOL JustaMommie

I have so many old pics that need layouts and new photos of the grands coming at me all the time, that what to focus on is my biggest problem. Plus I have to find a spark for each page. I actually seem to get my best start by dragging a layered template onto my work space. I want to be a scrap lifter but tend to default back to the template start. Nanscraps

I struggle with Journaling and Iam not to creative Dawn Miner

I sometimes struggle with colours. I choose a colour from my photo but just can't get the right combination Maggie