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The Fun Extras - Set Six


Are you guilty?  Guilty of wasting time?  Do share how you resist the temptations.

Who is gonna admit that they are guilty of wasting time cruising the internet, rather than getting your hobby accomplished?

Go get something done!

---------but don't be gone too long!

Share what things you do to focus and avoid the distractions of the internet.


Here are your comments!

Oh Hummie I am sooo guilty of this and I really must stop, just cant help myself there is so much to see read and enjoy its almost like window shopping but without the aching feet! I try to focus on my lessons to keep away from the net, and playing in pse Chrissy

guilty as charged your ladyship.... lynnedbears

Golly, I don't even think of the computer for anything but digi scrapping and being on digi sites. Pretty sad!!!! Oh, I pay my bills on line. I have a pretty set routine. I make my list every morning of what has to be done---CT work, challenges, Hummie lessons, etc. Then I turn my computer on and check the headlines. I check out anything that looks interesting. Then I check my mail and take care of all that. Then its down to business and I start going through my list. And thats about it. I never surf---I think thats what you call it??? I have so little time to be on the computer that if I didn't have a routine, I don't think I would get anything done!!! NancyP

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Especially when you post new sites (new to me) on FB, Hummie. I can't resist looking and going from one to another. I'm trying to cut down, especially on buying more digi stuff. I also am spending more time reading/responding to your chat box. So it all comes down to your fault, Hummie --- lol!!!! Now to finish my slides lesson before I get distracted here! Belle33

well, I've learned not to go surfing for stash...well, maybe the odd quick look here and there, LOL! I just have so much already, it's rare I find something I do actually need unless it's a texture of course, LOL, as I'm still building my collection of those I usually need to crack on with CT pages or classes here, esp with the kids competing for pooter time in the evenings, LOL! I find I do need a little break between LOs though, so allow myself 10 mins here and there - much as I am doing now, LOL, to either check my emails or galleries. Plus I have to remember to eat and drink, So that's not at all helpful for you is it?!!!! Guess there's just no solution, other than some sort of alarm that activates when your excitment levels go over a certain amount, LOL! Or finding some where can you buy that?!!! Bernie x

Guilty as charged Your Honor! My excuse would be after I have concentrated so hard on doing my lessons, I need to take a BREAK and go do a puzzle or word search game! That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ccynden

Very guilty of the charge - but Oh what fun!! Cheers Eileen etw36 -

I'm a facebook addict. Those stupid apps just suck you in! lol If I get ads for sales in my e-mail, I'll go check those out and usually get lost browsing the site. It's so easy to get side tracked online. PammyJ

*LOL* I am a huge waster of time.. I am way too addicted to facebook..can't get away from the farms and cafes *LOL* But I hope to change that here real soon.. ;-) blue24k2000

Most of my digi scrapping is done at work during hte lunch break as my internet connection at home is slower than a slow thing. So the only real distraction is work!!!!!! I can't really complain aboyut that as they don't mind my playing with Elements for a wee while in the office .... Mole

I'm probably the worse when the blog trains come out at the beginning of the month. Staying on task and getting my los done is not usually a problem. If anything, I spend too much time at it! Lulubelle

Guilty can't resist a little browse when I open the internet especially if I have to do a 'search'. I wont register on FB or create a blog because I know it would take up too much of my time, a1bjm

Oh boy! I don't resist. Themed Thursday tells my whole story (as in i am about 3 weeks behind!)lovinlifegurl

I recently learned to toggle between sites. Makes surfing a lot easier. 204cg

Hmmm, well, I don't usually have a problem staying focused on scrapping, UNLESS, I am having a bad mojo day! LOL When that happens there is NO saving me! JustaMommie

Guilty as charged. sometimes I start to search for something, get so sidetracked that I after some time, I cant even recall what it was I was looking for in the first place.. Focus is not my strong point. JodyT

I don't usually get distracted if I'm scrapping, but...if I'm not, it's easy to get sidetracked online. What do I do not to??? You mean I'm supposed to not get sidetracked. ;) Tammyshere

The classes and challengs help me keep on track. I have to have a goal, though, to start scrapping. And I find if I am nearing the end of a scrapping project (book), I find any reason at all not to scrap. I am NOT a finisher!!! I am a starter! Nanscraps

I must confess Guilty gotten worst now that I retired Dawn Miner

Oh no! Confession time! (red red face) Once I get started my sore - um - my sore bottom gets me moving, or I get to where I'm all surfed out ;) Maggie

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