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The Fun Extras - Set Six


Hey, the class IS called The 'FUN' extras! I could not resist.

Do you unroll your toilet paper under or over?
Does your family keep up with the way it rolls?


Here are your comments!


OHHHH, my biggest peeve!!!! The paper goes OVER!!! Do you all hear me??? OVER!!!!! Who wants to fight with the toilet paper when you face it under and you are fishing around behind the roll trying to find the end!!!! And yes, everyone in this household KNOWS this is my biggest peeve and they don't dare put it on the roll backwards!! Well-----you asked, didn't you??? NancyP

Nancy, I just LOVE your illustrations!!! And I agree with you 100%!!! Maybe even 200%! Over, Over, Over! Now it's just DH and I at home but he doesn't seem to notice which way it's supposed to go---that is when he even replaces a roll! There are bigger things to complain about, so I just quietly replace it the CORRECT way. Thanks for asking, Hummie. Belle33

I'm compulsive about it being over. If I find my husband or son has done it under, I change it. Even changed it at my daughter's house one night! JanetMM

over over over!!! I'm obsessed with it! If I go to someone's house (not a stranger, but someone I know well), I will take the roll out to fix it. Yep-- that's me! Dawn

I'm not sure what this has got to do with scrapping unless we get our best ideas while sitting on the loo but hey ho I'm a 100% OVER person. Sometimes when I put a new roll on the holder I make a pointy thing at the end like they do in hotels and you cant do that if your'e an under person a1bjm

Oh how funny!!! I do the pointy thing too!!!! NancyP

My goodness so much importance placed on this little roll of tissue and how it can make or break you day!!! This is so funny. I can't say it matters to me, I don't really pay attention, but I must admit during the night, without the lights on, I am fumbling, because I don't know which way the roll was placed. Nanarose

LOL! OVER for toilet paper, UNDER for paper towel, depending on whether your dispenser is working properly. Here's the thing: At work they have these humongous devices, and they only feed under...AND they're about 5 inches from the ground. Lord, don't be having a digestive tract issue at work is all i gots to say… lovinlifegurl

Over is the way we do it. everyone puts it over. Jules

Over here. I'm lucky if the boys even get the roll on to the holder… Tammyshere

ROFL!!!! Nancy bravo on your illustrations. Over is the way for me too! Char

OVER! My family doesn't pay any attention to it. But I hate when someone else replaces the TP and it's under! Oh my goodness! LOL JustaMommie

OVER AND OVER!!!!!!!!and It seems I am only who changes the roll hehe Dawn Miner

Over is the only way.

When will you get it right? OVER, I SAID OVER. Is it really so hard? Really? Just get it right already. Put the roll on so the paper comes off from the top okay. Good. Maggie


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