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The Fun Extras - Set Six


Do you ever scrapbook with your children?


Here are your comments!


No. They are adults and I show them what I do sometimes, but they haven't shown an interest. NanaRose

Nope. No interest, even in the ones i do of him! I'm too far away from my g'nieces--they MIGHT like it… Lovinlifegurl

I've tried showing them what I do and they love it but no one has wanted to scrapbook with me. Belle33

I ditto all the above comments. No one has the interest but do enjoy seeing themselves in my layouts - LOL. ccynden

Not really, but they do come over and look at what I'm doing and sometimes will suggest that I put something somewhere else. Tammyshere

They don't seem to have any interest, but if they want something done, they know where to find me. Jules

My oldest daughter who just turned nine last month loves to scrap with me. But I tend to get irritated with her. I wish I didn't but I do. LOL So, I've just given her paper and scrapping supplies that are all her own, that way I don't have to worry if she wrecks my stuff. She is getting better. She really wants to digiscrap, but she needs to become a little bit more computer savvy before I will teach her. JustaMommie

I haven't yet, but Jameson (age 5) got an 8x8 Hello Kitty scrapbook kit from her dad so I want to sit down with her and help her put it together. I have lots of photos that she has taken that we can use. NancyP

There are times when I think my dd's were swaped with someone elses in the nursery lol. Neither of them have ever been interested in any of the crafty things I do, they both want to look but not touch. Over the years I have given up trying to teach them to knit, sew, make cards etc its just not going to happen a1bjm

I suppose I would if I had kids. Dawn

Same as Dawn. Sometimes I hope I could scrap with my sister, but she's not interested in scrapbooking ^__^ Chiara Castelluccia

we don't do it together but yes my DD is learning to digi scrap now I gave her my old pse 9 to get stared Dawn Miner

No, and unless I put them on FB they don't ask to see what I've done. Sadly, I'm the only one interested in what I'm doing. Hubby enjoys looking at my pages when I show him, but even then he doesn't ask. I'm all alone in this Maggie

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