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The Fun Extras - Set Six

116. Geniune Praise

What are your thoughts on giving and receiving genuine praise in the gallery?


Here are your comments!

First time venturing in here so I don't know if I am correct that nobody has responded. Wonder why? I have been trying to take some time to get familiar with the gallery and to comment when I feel moved to do so by what I see. I have to give genuine praise only, and I really appreciate receiving the same. It is important to note that not everything done will appeal to me, but when it does, I like to comment. I am sure that is the same for my work. NanaRose

I think the why is because we couldn't find it--don't know how YOU did! But it's now in the class guide so i'm sure many will respond and pdq. I try to make my praise genuine, and in the gallery, i only give praise, not critiques, or criticisms. If i can't find something good to say, i won't say anything. That is not to say that the many LOs i don't comment on are NOT praiseworthy: there are sooooo many, and i can't keep up with everyone. And, if you're reading, if i've said something nice, i meant it, even if it's just "great LO!"--there was something in it that made me say it! lovinlifegurl

Yes, I always give genuine praise and always enjoy receiving it. If I do see typos, I have commented on them as I don't want folks to print with those mistakes. I hope this is ok to do! I know I would want someone to tell me. I'm like LLG in that if I can't say something nice, I just don't comment at all on a LO. Belle33

I believe in giving genuine praise, even if the papers or colors used are not my choice, I can see that the person submitting the layout really did a good job in their construction and you can just feel that they are thrilled with what they have done, so I will say that they have done a fantastic job on it. I know I am satisfied and happy with what I have submitted even though there are no comments, that is ok with me, as it does not stop me from continuing to participate when I am able and I will keep on sending in my layouts. ccynden

I enjoy giving praise and receiving praise. I try and remember how it makes me smile when someone comments on a layout I've done and I want to bring a smile to someone else, too. Tammyshere

yup me too! I love to give praise, and it always makes me smile when people give to me, and I am thankful for their kindness in doing so! X Bernie

It is great to recieve and to get praise, I know I have to give more praises. Jules

I love to give praise as well. I really get all warm and gooey inside when i get it too! JustaMommie

I try to give praise to the layout, whether or not I like it. That person worked hard on that layout and deserves a note of praise. I can always find something on there that I like and can comment on. And yes, its genuine! Now I just need to get better at leaving praise because I love to receive it!! I'm one of the guilty ones!! :o( NancyP

If I click on a lo to view it I always leave a comment, even if the lo isn't to my taste. A lot of hard work goes into each lo we produce, that alone is worthy of praise, and if it pleases the person who made it then thats all that counts but it's nice to know that other people appreciate your work a1bjm

Well, I saw this on the sidebar and had to stop by. I love giving and receiving praise alike. I don't think I have ever seen a layout I didn't like something about, even if on the whole a page doesn't appeal to me I see a lot of love in each and every one. There is always something appealing though, and I love commenting on what I see. I love hearing others' reactions to my own pages. It is so much fun knowing that someone is looking and appreciating what I've done. Not to mention how wonderful Warm Fuzzies feel!! Kimm23

I love giving and receiving praise, of course. Because I'm not english, sometimes my comments are similar (I love that, i love this ^__^), because I'm too lazy to find different way to say something. But I love leave a comment anyway, because lots of efforts is needed to do a page, to write a journal. I love also read the other persons comments on random pages (not mine) because sometimes they can enlight something that I didn't see at the first view hope it makes sense!! Chiara Castelluccia

I really try to leave specific comments about certain things I like, but I will admit, I have sometimes succumbed to general praise when I'm really behind. I love it when I get great feedback, so I would want to give as genuinely has I have received. Dawn

We all work hard on our LO's and it's nice when someone leaves a comment Dawn Miner

I believe in giving praise where praise is due. I've had to learn to receive praise though. I like constructive comments. I agree with Belle33, I like it when people point out some typos which I need to sort out or give my ideas of how to change something on my layout which is not quite working Maggie