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112. How far behind are you in printing?

How far behind are you in printing? 

I print at home and used to print as soon as I finished a layout, or the next day, to hurry to see the responses of my men. Ever since I got my laptop, I'm not near the printer and I'm so far behind!


Here are your comments!

I don't print unless i'm visiting my family (oh once every 10 years or so), then i print everything i've done, just in case it gets erased from a gallery where they can't see it on-line. They are happy to follow links to wherever i've posted a layout. For non-family LOs, i just don't see a need. I am a digi scrapper for real. lovinlifegurl

I print every single layout that I have done in all my classes and maintain them in sheet protectors in an album. They show my progress in what I have learned here in Hummie's classes and also show me that I have come a long, long, way as well as to show my family. Ccynden

Haven't printed in ages - in fact, I don't want to face how my layout printer has reacted to not being used for ages. I am afraid all the jets have dried up. There are things worth printing - I just never got around to it lately. I think it's because I don't have anywhere to put them once they are printed. I print in semi-gloss and when these are put behind plastic sheet protectors, they lose their look. Then I had an idea of getting my prints bound with a spiral binding, but then there would be no side by side layouts only one sided layouts. Then I ran out of binding, book making ideas and gave up - so what's the use of printing them. Oh well. Cats4Jan

I print the albums as I finish them, usually 25 pages at a time including the cover, unless it's a special album that has more pages. Belle33

I've been having my layouts printed and have Jan-Sept of last year done. I haven't printed or had printed any of this years layouts. So...I'm way behind. LOL Tammyshere

I am behind in printing too but when I get my prints I just keep the stacks of photos in my desk hoping to find the time or motivation to put them in the binders. prettypeony

VERY! My husband frowns on my having them printed. He is a very digital person...we have two digital picture frames and he prefers me to display them there. But there is just something about having the paper copy. I love pulling out my photo albums and scrapbooks. I love my digital frames too, but the albums are something I can hold on to!!! JustaMommie

I also print mine at home. Boy, am I ever behind, You get so busy with other things also. Jules

Print??? We're suppose to print them??? BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
How about---ahhhhh---4-5 years behind!!!!!! NancyP

I'm very selective about what I print and only tend to print lo's that are for or to do with family. We have a picture frame and I use that quite a lot but mostly I make slide shows, burn them to a disc and play them on the TV a1bjm

Print? What? We are actually supposed to print out our layouts? Lol ;) Jen Martakis

I have about 5 that I need to print... but all of them were created within the last few months. I haven't really scrapped as much as I used to. I hope to get my mojo back, so that I can finish my vacation book from Missouri of last year, then also work on this years. Lots to catch up on! Dawn

I think I have about 20 or so to get printed really have not scraped much got to get out of my rut Dawn Miner

I've never printed any of my layouts. The reason is that I'm not sure about how much it would cost because of the amount of ink it would use. We don't have a great printer either. Any ideas on this would be welcome. I am planning on putting them in a book but am concerned about reducing from 12x12 to 8x8 might mean I need to work on the pages again. Again your comments are welcome Magie

I guess because I started as a traditional scrapper it never occurred to me to not print. For me, having the printed book is the end goal. I used to print 11x8.5 books, but now just do 12x12 books. Yes, it can be pricey, but compared to traditional scrapping the cost is about the same. I also wait for sales to print. Yes, my children pull down the books and look at them from time to time. Bev