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Thousand Island from Scratch



We were invited to our friends house last Sunday, May 19, and had a wonderful time!  They have a gorgeous place and we walked and wallowed in the river and I really needed that down time and time with friends. 

They BBQ'd and asked what I liked on my burger and I said "Thousand Island dressing," which is something I picked up from my Dad.  I do not like it on salads so much, but it is a must for BLT's and hamburgers! 

They did not have any and my friend said she knew how to make it from scratch, just a little something she figured out one day.  It was so easy!

Mix together a bit of mayonnaise and a bit of ketchup.

Stir in a bit of pickle relish  . . . . and . . .

wah-lah!  Thousand Island dressing!  And it tastes nearly like the real thing!  I tell you, I'm not buying the bottle any more as it just goes bad before I can use it.  This is my new method!

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