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Sweet Banana Bread


This is my "famous" banana bread recipe; at least it is famous with my four men. They love it so much that they will even make it themselves. There is never a wasted banana in the house.

There is a progression to this banana bread. We buy banana just to let them get too ripe just to make this recipe.

It does take planning ahead unless your grocery sells over-ripe bananas, ugly, sweet enough for bread.


My husband would never eat a banana, but he loves this bread. In the 1980's, I made this bread and encouraged him to eat it, but did not tell him what it had bananas. When I did tell him, his jaw dropped, but only for a minute when he decided he loved it so much that it did not matter that it had bananas.


This is a sweet banana bread recipe with chocolate chips. This is not a typical banana bread loaf with nuts (which I like more but never get to make for myself). I find that people either really love or do not care for this recipe.


I have pulled it out of the oven at 11 p.m. and it is gone by 6 a.m. You can try to freeze the bread to eat later, but it never lasts long enough for that in my house.

One one very rare occassion on October 3, 2008, my hubby did save some for me.

We made this vide January 27, 2014. I had already thrown the bananas in when it suddenly hit me, "I should record this!" and we went with it.


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