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Ham and Potato and Bacon Frittata Recipe



Okay, I admit it.  I'm not really good at recipes.  I like to throw things together sometimes.  Although this does have a few measurements for you.

See my trusty 'ol cast iron pot that I cook everything in?  I have no idea how I cooked before I got it.  I remember in the beginning it was not so useable, but now that I've used it so much, it is well "seasoned," as they say, and a true gem.

I'm continuing to use up my leftover Christmas ham and this was a real winner last night.  I think hubby ate half the pan by himself!  I ate a fourth and the rest is for his breakfast.

I had four things going on at once.  Yes, multi-tasking or prep work might be required.

First, I skinned and cut up into small chunks several potatoes, dropping them in water to boil until soft.

Then, in my trusty pan, I added a splash or more of olive oil, cut up chunks of ham, and some chopped onion (I actually had some frozen onion I had previously chopped up so as to preserve it before it went bad).  As this was thrown together and cooked down, really just for a few moments, I had hubby helping me on the other side of the counter.

In a bowl, I had hubby crack open 6 eggs.  Next, I added 1/3 cup of milk (yeah, see, there's your recipe measurements!), some parsley (it was actually dried from my own garden!), salt, pepper, and some parmesan cheese (probably a half cup or more cause I like cheese!). As I checked the stove, hubby whisked it all together until smooth.  Then I had him drain the potatoes and add them to the egg mixture, stirring up the bowl.  The above photo is what it looks like.

While he was adding the potatoes to the eggs, I chopped up two cloves of garlic and added them to the pan on the stove.  Garlic burns quickly, so I did not want it in the pan too long.

Somewhere in all that multi-tasking, we microwaved some pre-cooked bacon.

Next, I dumped the egg mixture into the pan and crumbled the bacon on top.  I cooked it on the stove top for about 3 minutes so as to allow the bottom of the eggs to set and begin to pull away from the edges, careful not to burn it.

Then into the preheated 350 degree oven it went for 20 minutes.  This is the part where you can either make a side (I cut up a roma tomato as my side) or just sit back and relax for a while, read your phone, a book, or chat with hubby about the work day.

Out of the oven, it is a yummy ham, potato, and bacon pan of yummy comfort food!  Yes, I used yummy twice in that sentence!

The whole pan went straight to the table.  I used a triangle dessert spatulate to cut and serve up slices in one swoop.

The whole thing really took on the flavor of the delicious ham.  I see a good ham is an important factor to other delicious dishes, although even lunch meat ham would work too.

Now I'm ready to do this again, with maybe mushrooms and tomatoes and spinach, but hubby would not eat that, but I do have another cast iron pan that is smaller.  I just have to wait for a day when I have to cook for one and cut the amounts in half too.








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