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Old Fashioned Oats vs. Steel Cut Oats

I had been questioning the difference old fashioned oats and steel cut oats.  I plugged both of them into MyFitnesspal and was surprised to see that the steel cut oats were twice the protein and twice the calories for 1/2 cup (dry)!  Wow!

Later I was searching the internet for information and was reading that they had the same nutritional value, but that steel cut was less processed so it took longer to cook.  Well, that did not jive with my stats!

I later learned that the serving for steel cut oats was only 1/4 a cup.  I thought that was important to know should I be eating both or even in cooking both.  Apparently, because the steel cut oats are not processed, they "blow up" when cooked, aka absorb more liquid, so you need less of them.

It makes me wonder now if they are less expensive as well since you use less of them.  I am going to compare prices when I go to the store next.


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