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Carmalized Onions



In several of the restaurants which I've been to recently, I've noticed a trend of "carmalized onions" on the menu. They are totally delicious!

That got me thinking about how they are made, so I tried it for myself early in the week.

I had recently spotted a bag of Videliaonions at the store.

Cutting the onions up went fairly quickly. I cut the onion in half, then turned each half up on its side to cut slices. The half slices fell apart from each other fairly easily with the spatula in the pan.

I melted about 2 tablespoons butter with some olive oil in the pan before adding the onions. I added salt and pepper. Thereafter, I just let them cook, tossing every so many minutes. It took about a half hour for them to cook, but the color was fabulous! OH, and they were oh-SO-yummy!

They were fabulous on top of a hamburger.

I decided that they were not hard to make, just time consuming. That will keep most people from making them and create a market for them at the restaurants. I probably could have cooked them for at least 15 minutes longer, but I was impatient and anxious to taste myself.

I wanted to attempt a panini with them. I added a half of a green pepper and cooked it down also.

I have a small George Foreman grill that I only use for making panini. I added cheese to the sandwich too.

Unfortunately, although the sandwich looked good, I think I need a different type of bread as this just took away the gourmetfrom the onions and peppers. In addition, the bottom side of the bread was soggy.

What kind of bread shall I try next? I need ideas? In addition, I may need to either toast it before I add the onions and peppers or use bread with a hard outside and soft inside.

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