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Daughters of the Revolutionary War lineage:
Nancy Estes's parents (John D. Estes and Catherine Jane Kirkpatrick) (John's parents unknown)

Catherine Kirkpatrick's parents (Joseph Marion Kirkpatrick and Martha Patsy Ross)

Martha Patsy Ross's parents William Ross and Eliza Jane Allen | William Hugh Ross, Jr. and Mary Griffin

Other Ancestors:

Frances Skaggs parents: James Skaggs and Frances Beeler |

Joseph Kirkpatrick's parents ( David Sevier Kirkpatrick and Catherine White) | John Hugh Kirkpatrick and Margaret "Jane" Wilkins (possible Revoluntary War; there are 2 John Hugh Kirkpatricks)

Catherine White's parents (Joseph White and Janet Mebane)

Rutledge DNA Connection: Edward Gent Rutledge | James Enos Rutledge | William Richard Rutledge | Richard William Rutledge | Harry Milton Rutledge | Edgar Rutledge Taylor | (This line is connected by DNA, but we have not yet put together the puzzle pieces)

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Daniel Ross and Elizabeth "Betty" Rose Garth



Martha Patsy Ross's parents (could be wrong!) Daniel J. Ross and Nancy Ingram | Daniel Ross and Elizabeth "Betty" Rose Garth (Revoluntary War) Nancy Ingram's parents James Ingram and Martha


Daniel Ross was born November 9, 1740, in Ross-shire (Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty) Scotland to John Ross and Sara McGehee. Daniel Ross birth place, Cromarty, is a town in Highland, Scotland. It is in the historic county of Ross and Cromarty.

Elizabeth "Betty" Rose Garth was born in 1747 Trinity, Louisa County, Virginia, to John Garth (and?). I read a note that through Elizabeth's family Daniel met and had dealings with Thomas Jefferson (need to verify).

In the book "Harbours in America" by Louis J. Williams, 1982, pages 590-592, it reads, "Three Ross brothers are believed to have migrated from Ross Shire (Rosshire), Scotland to Virginia. Although there are discrepancies as to the names, they are believed to have been Daniel, John and Peter. Daniel Ross settled in Louisa County, part of which later became Albemarle. While he was in Louisa County, he married Elizabeth "Betty" Garth, daughter of John Garth of Trinity Parish, Louisa County. Later he moved to Henry County, Virginia and settled on Smith River. The area of Henry County where Daniel settled later became Franklin County when it was formed in 1785. Exact dates of birth and death of Daniel are not available but it would appear...that he was born about 1740 or earlier. He was living in Franklin Co. as late as 1811 or 1815. He was not on the Census of 1820. He died in Cooper Co, MO. in 1822. There are a number of land transactions in which Daniel participated in Louisa, Franklin and Henry Counties of Virginia.


(Names not the same as above book) In the Ross Family of Patrick County, Virginia article in The History of Patrick and Henry Counties, Virginia, it reads, "Three brothers came from Ross Shire, Scotland, and settled in Albemarle County, near Charlottesville, later one came to Patrick County. The names of the early settlers were: David, Daniel, and Charles.


These notes on Daniel's son David Ross were obtained from Ancestry, but I do not know the source. It lists Daniel's Dad as Roderick and his Grandpa as Thomas, as research by the Scots Ansestry Research Society, but no source is given. Elmer A. Ross provides a history of why Daniel Ross came to the Virginia Colony (it was not the United States or America at that time). "The first Ross . . . supported Charles I against Cromwell and when Charles I was defeated he fled to (the colonies). Either the first Ross or a son Daniel returned to Scotland and joined the Jakobins who tried to put Charles II on the throne of England, and when that venture failed he returned to (the colonies).

Oliver Cromwell (defeated king in 1645) and King Charles I death in 1649 | Mayflower was 1620 | King Charles II (died 1685)| Jacobins|

This story is 100 years off of a circa 1760 imigration, with King Charles being put back on throne about 1660 and his death in 1685. This story must be regarding Daniel's ancestors. Did Daniel's Grandpa come to the colonies, return, come back, and return again? The story handed down is probably true, but it has been attached to the wrong ancestor.

Daniel Ross imigrated circa 1760. (Find copy of this book and page)


The orange is Albermarle County. The green is Louisa County. The purpose area is the area where Daniel and Betty settled that changed counties.

This map shows the purple area where they would have lived on today's map above Charlottesville, Virginia

In the book "Five Hundred First Families of America by Alexander DuBin," we learn that the Clan Ross of Scotland was founded in the 14th centruy and sprang from the Earl of Ross. The first paragraph is rather deceiving making one think that the famous Ross were related to Daniel in the next paragraph, but I do not see an immediate connection. Betsy Ross who made the flag was born of Samuel Griscom and Rebecca Griscom. Her husband John Ross was born of of Reverend Aeneas Ross, Sr and Sarah Leach. George Ross who signed the Declaration of Indpendence was the uncle of John Ross. George was born in 1730 in New Castle, New Castle County, Delaware to George Ross & Gertrude Ross, ten years before our Daniel.


Daniel and Betty were married in 1761 in Louisa County (now Albermarle) Virginia.


In 1761, Daniel and Betty have a son, John Ross, in Louisa County, Virginia. Ancestry trees indicate he would die before November 1822., but I see no documentation. There is another John Ross on Ancestry who lived 1760 to 1822 in Sullivan, New York. I read a note that John Ross died in the Revoluntionary War (and there is an indication he declared with his Father in the war below).


In 1763, Daniel and Betty have a son, William Ross, in Louisa County Virginia. (I have little on William Ross other than he died in Cooper County, Missouri.)


In 1764, Daniel and Betty have a daughter, Sarah "Sally" Ross in Louisa County ,Virginia. Sarah would marry James Cox on January 22, 1799, in Franklin County, Virginia. Sarah would die on September 18, 1854, in Franklin County, Virginia.


In 1767, Daniel and Betty have a daughter, Elizabeth "Betsy" Ross in Franklin County, Virginia. Elizabeth would marry Thomas White Ruble, the son of Captain Owen Ruble and Eleonor White, on October 17, 1786, in Franklin County, Virginia. Elizabeth would die before November 16, 1822, in Kentucky.


In 1768, Daniel and Betty have a son, Nathaniel Ross, in Virginia. He would marry Mildred "Milly" Penn on December 20, 1794, in Patrick County, Virginia.


On September 10, 1771, Daniel and Betty have a son, David Ross, in Amherst County, Virginia. He would marry Sarah Anderson on October 21, 1802, in Franklin County, Virginia. David would die on August 25, 1849, and is buried at David Ross Cemetery in Patrick County, Virginia.


On May 10, 1773, the Boston Tea Party indicates that Daniel and Betty would have been being taxed heavily for tea.


In 1773, Daniel and Betty have a daughter, Rachel Ross, in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Rachel would marry Jeremiah Turner on April 21, 1792, in Franklin County, Virginia. Rachel would die May 22, 1842 in Cumberland County, Kentucky, and is buried at Black Hollow, Mud Camp, Cumberland County, Kentucky.


In 1774, Daniel and Betty have a daughter, Susannah Ross, in Amherst County, Virginia. She would marry Abel Pedigo on September 17, 1792, in Rocky Mount, Franklin County, Virginia. Susannah would die before 1847 in Patrick County, Virginial.


On April 19, 1775, the first Revolutionary war military engagements occurred with the Battles of Lexington and Concord.


In 1775, Daniel and Betty have a daughter, Mary Polly Ross, in Amherst County, Virgnia. She would marry James Randals on May 5, 1795, in Franklin County, Virginia. Mary would die on November 11, 1839 in White County, Tennessee., and is buried at Randals Cemetery.


In 1776, Daniel and Betty moved from Amherst to Henry County, Virginia. Daniel owned land on both sides of the Smith River, but from deeds and tax records his actual residence was on the north side of the Smith. In January 1777, Henry County, Virginia was formed.

Daniel Ross Settlement as per "A Settlement Map of Franklin County, Virginia

I overlayed today's map with a copy of the Settlement Map online to visualize the location.

This is a 2018 map of the location where the three counties meet. Henry and Betty lived in the area where the counties were splitting off to form.

This map is zoomed in on the area above. There are many recreation areas and a state park in this area. The Smith River ends when it enters Philpoot Lake. This gives us a location area below or around Spring Cove Park Recration Area.

This is a map of today showing a possible route from their home near Charlottesville to near Spring Cove Park Recreational Area.


On June 4, 1777, Daniel and Betty have a son, Daniel Ross, Jr., in Henry County (now Franklin County), Virginia. He would marry Nancy Ingram on July 24, 1798. Nancy would die April 26, 1822, in Patrick County, Virginia. Daniel would marry Joyce Harbour on March 23, 1826. Daniel and Nancy are buried at Daniel Ross Jr. Cemetery, Patrick County, Virginia.


Daniel was appointed an Ensign in the Company of Peter Sanders on August 18, 1777.  Daniel Ross served in the Henry County militia throughout the Revolutionary War (1775-1783)

On October 31, 1877, Daniel Ross and his son John were among the men in Henry County who took the oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia, rejecting allegiance to the King of Great Britain.

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, VMHB, Vol. 9, No. 1 (Jul., 1901), pp. 11-18  | (article consists of 8 pages) 
Published by: Virginia Historical Society | Stable URL:


In 1786, Franklin County, Virginia, was formed. Daniel and Betty had been living in the part of Henry County that would split off and become Franklin County.


In 1779, Daniel and Betty have a son, Lewis Ross. He would marry Hannah James on July 26, 1804, in Patrick County, Virginia. He would die about 1847 in Morgan County, Missouri.

In June 22, 1780, Second Lieutenant in Captain Owen Rubell's Company of Henry County in the Virginia Militia and during the Revolutionary War he supplied foodstuffs to the army.

Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War: McAllister's Data (go to Section 268) (other link)

On September 28, 1780, Daniel was appointed a Lieutenant.


On September 3, 1783, the Treaty of Paris was signed ending the Revolutionary War.


On September 20, 1783, Daniel and Betty have a daughter, Theodocia (Docia) Ross, in Henry County (now Franklin) Virginia. She would marry Benjamin Randals on April 15, 1803, in Franklin County, Virginina. She would die on February 10, 1842, in Fentress County, Tennessee.

In 1785 . . . . .Daniel Ross also had a large household (thirteen persons), but he had prospered sufficiently to build a chicken house, barn, and dairy...Outbuildings indicated families had elaborated their domestic functions, their care of livestock, and their craft activities . . . 22 percent a barn, and 6 percent a dairy. . . These people continued to live in log dwellings. Google Books, Buying Into The World of Goods by Ann Smart Martin, Page 116 (Buying into the World Goods)


In 1786, Daniel and Betty have a son, Churchill B. Ross, in Henry County (now Franklin), Virginia. He would marry Elizabeth Poston on May 26, 1813, in Henry County (now Franklin), Virginia. Churchill would die October 18, 1823, in Cooper County, Missouri.


In 1790, Patrick County, Virginia, was formed and some of Daniel and Betty's land south of the Smith River fell into that portion of Henry County that would become Patrick County.


Betty died 1807 in New Castle, Henry County, Virginia. There is a memorial for Daniel, Elizabeth "Betty" and their children at Ross-Harbour Cemetery, Elamsville, Patrick County, Virginia (Find a Grave). (find documentation on her death date) Elizabeth "Betty" was 60 years old.


In the 1810 census, Virginia, Franklin County, the household has males ages males 45 and over (1- Daniel) , females ages 45 and over (1-who?), females 26-44 (1 - who?), and males16-25 (2 - Churchill & who?). Daniel is 70 years old in 1810. (This census does not fit for his son Daniel who is 33 years old.) There are 5 in the household and everyone is over age 16.
Who is the female over 45? Not a daughter, possibly a daughter-in-law? Did his wife really die in 1807?

Daughter Sarah "Sally" is 46 and married, her husband age 65.

Daughter Elizabeth "Betsy" is 43, married and living in Richmond, Madison County, Kentucky.

Son Nathaniel is 42, married, lived & died Patrick County, VA, his wife is 36.

Son David is 39, married, lived & died Patrick County, VA, is wife is 28.

Daugher Rachel is 37, married, her husband is age 49, 1823 moves to Cumberland County, Kentucky

Daughter Susanna is 36, married, her husband is age 40, lived & died Patrick County, VA

Daughter Mary Polly is 35, married, her husband is age 40, died in White County, TN

Son Daniel J is 33, married, his wife age 30

Son Lewis is 31, married, his wife age 21, lives in KY in 1810, died in Morgan County, Missouri

Daughter Docia is 26, married, husband is age 42, died in Fentress County, Tennessee

Son Churchill is 24, single (marries in 1813), died in Cooper County, Tennessee


In 1811 or 1812, Daniel moved (this writing I read included his wife moving), with his son Churchill, from the Henry County, Franklin County, and Patrick County, Virginia area to Henry County, Kentucky. Some of their children would moved to Tennessee, Kentucky, and some to Cooper County, Missouri where Daniel died and was buried in 1821/1822.


In the Pension Roll of 1835, a Daniel Ross enrolled on June 8, 1818, with a residence in Jessamine, Kentucky, USA., with a service of Massachusetts line. I am uncertain about this document without more knowledge because Daniel is not alive in 1835. Was this put together in 1835 or was one of his children receiving pension for him? Or was this another Daniel Ross?



Daniel died in 1822 in Cooper County, Missouri.

This snippet is from the notes referenced above.


Daniel Ross Memorial Plot Map, Ross Harbour United Methodist Church Cemetery

These photos were obtained from of the Memorial stone that was erected by the Ross Members of Patrick-Henry Allied Families of VA founded in 1952 incorporated 1955.


Researches have linked to these sources.


The Ross family has been living in this area since 1776, just before the time when Henry County was formed in January 1777. Daniel Ross, Sr. had moved to Henry County from Amherst where he served in the Henry County militia throughout the Revolutionary War. He was appointed an Ensign, then a 2nd Lieutenant, then a Lieutenant on September 28, 1780. Daniel owned land on both sides of the Smith River, but from deeds and tax records his actual residence was on the north side of the Smith. He lived in the part of Henry County that would split off and become Franklin County in 1786, but some of his land south of the Smith fell into that portion of Henry that would become Patrick County in 1790. Daniel and his wife, Elizabeth Garth through whose family he met and had dealings with Thomas Jefferson, and their family lived in this Henry/Franklin/Patrick area until he, Elizabeth and their son Churchill moved to Henry County, Kentucky in 1811/1812. Some of their children moved to Tennessee, Kentucky and to Cooper County, Missouri where Daniel died and was buried in 1821/1822.

Daniel and Elizabeth had thirteen children, one being Daniel Ross, Jr. the tenth child who was born in Henry County, June 4, 1777. His first wife was Nancy Ingram; his second wife was Joyce Harbour. Daniel and both of his wives are buried in the Daniel Ross, Jr. Cemetery in Patrick County. Nancy Ingram Ross was mother to nine of Daniel's children, while Joyce was mother to five children.


McAllister p. 210, P.  S.C. VA Archives

American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI) 
Name: Daniel Ross Birth Date: 1740 Birthplace: Virginia,  
Volume: 149 , Page Number: 487, 
Biographical Info: lt.  
Reference: Historical reg. Of Virginians in the Rev., soldiers, saliors and marines, 1775-1783. Ed. 
By John H. Gwathmey. Richmond, Va. 1938. (13, 872p.):678 

Google Books:
The Virginia magazine of history and biography, by Virginia Historical Society, William Glover Stanard, Page 417


The Ross Family, Beginning 1734 in Hanover County, Virginia

The book is an account of the history and genealogy of a Ross family whose immigrant ancestor, John Ross was born in 1695 in Scotland. A Scot, he arrived in America in 1716. John Ross died in 1759 in Hanover County, Virginia, where he resided for at least the final 25 years of his life.

Source: The Ross Family Book by Ross Chappell of Kennesaw, Georgia
Chapter Six Daniel Ross (1.4) 79






Daughters of the Revolutionary War lineage:
Nancy 's parents (John D. Estes and Catherine Jane Kirkpatrick) (John's parents unknown)

Catherine's parents (Joseph Marion Kirkpatrick and Martha Patsy Ross)

Martha's parents (Daniel J. Ross and Nancy Ingram)

Daniel's parents (Daniel Ross and Elizabeth Betty Garth) REVOLUTIONARY WAR

Other Ancestors:

Joseph Kirkpatrick's parents ( David Sevier Kirkpatrick and Catherine White) | John Hugh Kirkpatrick and Margaret "Jane" Wilkins (possible Revoluntary War; there are 2 John Hugh Kirkpatricks)

Catherine White's parents (Joseph White and Janet Mebane)

Nancy Ingram's parents (James Ingram, Sr. and Martha)


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