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Bell Smith Springs Recreation Area | Natural Bridge trail

We hiked the Natural Bridge trail at Bell Smith Springs Recreation Area in the Shawnee National Forest on September 28, 2019. This is the yellow trail.

I took some photos of the maps as I do want to go back some day and hit some of the other trails, or at least part of them. We did the yellow trail. The first part of the trail is the same for all of them, I believe, as you choose which way to go once you get to the scenic overlook.

We did not realize that we could see the natural bridge from the beginning of the trail until we had gone around the trail and saw the natural bridge from above. The steps are below the scenic overlook.

This is the overlook.

This is the natural arch from the top part of the trail.

This is the natural arch looking up from the bottom.

This is the natural arch from the bottom (beginning) of the trail. It is across a bit of land and you would miss it if you did not know it was there.

I really do love these steps!

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